Senator efficency

  • Hey! So our wiki says that Chieftain is the fastest one, Chief is the cheapest one and senator is the most effective one. Can someone tell me what is the difference (in %) between senator and other two? There is no information on wiki or anywhere, and I don't really remember those numbers. Also it's worth to fill that on wiki.

  • The kirilloid warsim shows 20-30 loyalty per roman senator and 20-25 loyalty for the other tribes. This also depends on the morale bonus (Your population relative to the other players population).

    I think I've read, that as roman you need 1 less senator to conquer a village most of the time.

  • If you want to play optimally there's no difference at all:
    - Senators' upper boundary is higher (20-30 instead of 20-25), but the lower one stays. Because you have to assume that every senator does its worst in off planning you calculate with 20%, too.
    - Chieftains are faster than the other two, but they can't be imitated. Rams are to slow, swords are to fast, which means you have to send a single ram with it to make it imitate-able and lose your speed advantage here.

    If you're not conquering at once but running multiple times with a single chief there are some advantages. Assume your target is x fields next to you (has no boni like morale, party, etc.) and you want to lower the loyalty from 100 to 0. Let's calculate how long each tribe will need and set this in relation to teutons chiefs.
    - Chiefs lower 22.5% loyalty on average which means you need to run 4.444... times, in total you will need RUNS * 2x / SPEED = 4.444 * 2x / 4 = 2.222x hours which is what we define as 100%.
    - Chieftains also lower 22.5% loyalty but their speed is 5 fields / hour resulting in 1.778x hours which equals 80% (so with gauls' chieftains you need about 80% of the time a teuton does)
    - Senators lower 25.0% on average and have - like teutons - speed 4. So you need to run 4 times which will take you 2x hours which equals 90%.

    Conclusion: Gauls need 80% of the time teutons do and romans need 90% of the time. The advantage is rarely visible tho.

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