CP and parties

  • Hi everyone,

    Since small party provides the same amount of CP the village produces up to 500, I was wondering at what point you start throwing small parties in your villages. Do you do it as soon as you can or wait for your village to be near 500CP per day for efficiency purposes?

    Also, in support village, what CP building do you aim for?


  • I usually start small parties when the villages CP-production is at about 200. But if I am short on resources I may skip a party or two.

    I would say it depends on your circumstances. If you can spare the resources I would do as many parties as possible. If you dont have enough resources anyways, I would rather spend them on troops or buildings.

    The way I look at it is: In the long term I will have a lot of resources but CP are going to limit my growth.

  • http://traviankingdoms.blogspo…-efficiency-analysis.html

    This blog will help you a lot with choosing the correct culture point buildings to build in support villages.

    It all depends on your activity and your farming skills. Small celebrations are pretty cheap, but big celebrations are more efficient if you have enough resources for it.

    In this list you can see Main building/marketplace level 20 is a good investment in CP in the long run.
    I always upgrade wall to 20, because this will give good cp and protection is needed anyways.