Disable tribute generation when denying it.

  • Hello everyone,

    Currently tributes are still generated if you deny them to your king/duke.
    This is problematic because they can keep farming you to clear it out every single time.
    And honestly making a treasury just to hide some of it, just ain't worth it (100 per level)?
    its too expensive and doesn't cover enough resources.
    Tribute should not be generated anymore if it is denied.
    It also seems more than logical why would I make tribute for a king/duke if I deny them it?
    What is everyones opinion on this?


  • When you deny tributes from your king.
    Its like tax-evasion, you are in his territory and you have to pay him some resources in exchange of your protection and settling in his kingdom where he levels up his treasury to give you good amount of crop from stolen goods and a good area to fight some robber camps.
    If you deny it then he will be forced to take it from you as you are evading taxes. It is natural crime and punishable by law.

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