Moving treasures

  • As a king i was wonder what is the best way to move treasures from my dukes villages to my main village to keep them in one place??

    this way we don't have to thin out our def so much to protect them.

    Would you kindly say i'm insane

  • make sure there is NO defense in your dukes treasury. Then attack him yourself (with hero and horses) from the treasury where you want the treasures to be. Do this a couple times and you'll have a big ammount of treasures moved.

  • There are several methods i would recomend depending if you wanna move all treasure, or just excess treasure.

    The method described above works well if you only wanna move excess treasure. However it is ill suited for moving all treasure of a duke account.

    If you wanna move 100% of treasure quickly the method i would recomend is the following.

    1. Deactivate ALL duke treasuries and make sure that the treasury village you want to move the treasury from becomes inactive last

    Due to how treasures are automatically transfered to the closest active treasury this means ALL of the treasures will be moved automatically to the final village to be deactivated.

    2. Attack the treasury that was deactivate last from the desired storage village (for instance a WW with active treasury)

    Even after deactivation of the final treasury, the treasure will still remain in that village. However, unlike with active treasures, you now dont take just 1/3 of the treasure in one attack but all of them.

    3. Reactivate all duke treasuries

    All in all it takes about 13 hours to do the whole transfer with only about 12 hours of downtime on influence. you dont have to stress on the transfer though as you have 12 hours to complete the treasury transfer while you wait for all the duke villages to reactivate again. all in all it should take 24 hours from start to finish.

    You have to take great care when doing this as while the king can steal all treasure in one attack, so can also your enemies. Or things like this may happen

    PS: This might change in the future since this method also means you can do massive VP trades between alliance using this method.