Duke Tribute denied

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  • Hello,

    as duke there is the possibility to "offer protection" to villages nearby who aren't part of the kingdom, to be able to collect tributes of those villages as well.

    So - no matter if tributes are payed or denied - it is written something about 72 hours until villages are able to be conquered again after an attack.

    What are the exact conditions for these rules? Many weeks ago I "offered protection" to a 15 crop field next to me and now I am afraid this rule could harm me. After already attacking this village with some fakes, the page still never changes back to "offer protection" as before (don't know if this is the right translation from "Schutz gewähren" in German though) but continues showing that the tributes are denied. So what will happen in case of a conquering attack? Will the 72 hours still be an issue? From when are these limitations counting on?

    Thank you!


  • A short number of calculations clearly shows that the probability of conquering the village is zero


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