Travian Kingdoms Changelog App: iOS v1.2-v1.25/ Android vX-v1.2.7

  • This changelog contains all major changes since the last changelog we posted and adds the changelog for Android, which wasn’t distinct from the iOS section. :thumbsup:

    Changes in Android and iOS

    • An invitation window has been added in the embassy to enable kingdom and duke invitations to be accepted: The player now has an extra windowin the embassy to see all their duke or kingdom requests
    • The new prestige badges have been added to the app: The new prestige badges can now be seen in the hero profile when possessing the necessary prestige
    • The new logo has been added to the app: The new logo has been added to the start screen, login screen and the lobby
    • Several issues have been resolved with duals/ sitters (available in the game world info in the lobby): The player can always log in as a dual/sitter and is able to add a dual or sitter to their game world via the game world info
    • Many other bug and crash fixes: Crashes and other issues that didn’t make it in the list have now been fixed

    IOS v1.2-v1.25

    • The layout has been improved for auctions: The player now sees the item name without having to access the info
    • The login process has been improved: The player now has to wait less time before being able to log into the lobby
    • A number of issues in the lobby have been resolved: The player was sometimes unable to see their account information
    • The app is now compatible with iOS 10: The layout of the building queue was broken
    • An issue has been resolved to make it possible to change the troops in a farm list: The player can now edit troops for all villages or single villages in the farm list
    • An issue has been resolved which made some item information unavailable: The player can now see all the information about the item when they check the information
    • An issue has been resolved with the option to change a hero’s home village: The player can now relocate the hero, when sending him as a reinforcement to your village and activating the option in the “send troops” window

    Android vX-v1.2.7

    • A layout issue has been resolved in the resource view which occurred on some devices: The player no longer has the error with the misplaced layout
    • Some minor issues with Android 7 have been resolved: Information for tribes and the keyboard for naming villages was not loading properly
    • Some info buttons have been fixed: The player can now access all the info buttons

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team