Design problem with abdicating of king and changing the highest duke in king

  • @Georgi (tagging you here for quicker solution)

    I'm currently playing on NL2 and we had a person abdicate as king so he could join us. After he did this one of his old dukes (still in beginner protection) got automatically assigned as king and he lost his beginner protection because he was a king now.

    This was a mayor problem, because this guy was not online and now all of a sudden he could get attacked by the enemie. I dont think this is intented design and I think the automatically swapping from duke to king should not happen if this player is still in beginner protection.

    now that guy that was previously duke came online and abdicated (this meant there was no dukes or kings left, but the highest population person in the kingdom because king) Or some random dude, I dont know, but it's a problem...

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  • Hey iribuya :)
    Thank you for pointing that out! I'll forward your suggestion to the game center and get back to you as soon as I have some feedback

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