End Game medals

  • I could simply turn your own words back on you, but I'm bored of that.

    Duals should get prestige as the dual. It should not be accounted to any of the players of the dual, because none of them earned it as a single player.

    Simple really.

    Your arguments are just as dull as the anti-gold people.

    You are literally just saying "I don't like it so don't give them anything".

    I have played in dual setups for the majority of my time and just "being a dual" is not a reward there is nothing.

    I don't actually care about the medals and that so I'm not going to get upset about this, but there's no reason to take a dump on those that just want a little bit of prestige and end-game medals for their own account record.

    It does NOTHING to you and changes NOTHING intrinsic to the game.

    You think everyone will suddenly want to become a dual over this change?? No, people will not suddenly drastically change the way they play because of this.
    I have never heard anyone say they refuse to dual because of lack of medals and prestige...

    The fact you "don't like duals" has absolutely nothing to do with this thread.

    Also, this is the IDEAS WISHES AND SUGGESTIONS area. You can go place your "remove duals" idea in your own thread.

  • May 15th 2017−2
    Hey together
    that has been suggested before, but currently there are no plans to make it happen. There are a lot of challenges such as the fact that duals can be dismissed at any time and it would also be hard to determine fairly how much points does each one of the duals deserve.
    If you really want to increase your prestige points and earn new shiny stars/badge you have to play your own avatar

    Best regards

    How about the solution that was mentioned before. If someone is a dual for 90%, or even 100% of the server, then give them the medal at the end. I'm going to dual regardless of it for an upcoming server. But it would be nice to have the victory medal at least. I don't care about prestige points, or any other achievements as a dual, just would be really nice to have the kingdom medal/badge.

  • Here me out on this one:

    I am playing as dual on one (local) server. I wanted to play on my own, but the team persuaded me to play as dual. I said why not.

    So after two weeks or so the owner stopped playing (has little time/family business - no need to explain), so I ended up playing alone for 98% of the server.

    I bought gold (sometimes) and I am actively participating in kingdoms actions (Def and WW ...).

    To add up: I am playing as a duke (the owner was a duke).

    But later I learned that duals do not get achievements. Of course I could register my own avatar on that server, but that would mean that the duke will became grey and thus we will get behind and multiaccounting is against rules. So I sticked with playing as dual, but I am very upset that everything I achieved on this server will be forgotten, no medal, no prestige, no nothing.

    If you guys will be sometime in the future thinking playing as an (active) dual, please mark my above written words. You will get nothing.