Changelog 0.70

  • Dear players,

    We've kept you waiting a little bit longer than usual with this new update. That’s because we've improved a couple of features, like the victory point changes we discussed with you in the forum, and updated the tribute screens. What's more, we've made it more attractive for veteran players to start as king.


    • Victory Points: We implemented a couple of your suggestions to resolve the VP issues we had:

      • We removed the top ten rule from the stealing of victory points.
      • Dukes will no longer be able to abdicate as long as they have an active treasury. Dismissing dukes with active treasures will lead to a loss of VP.
      • Treasuries can no longer be built in wonder of the world villages.
      • You can only steal VP until you have as many as the kingdom you are stealing from.

    For more detailed information, read the blog entry on

    • Start as King: To encourage more experienced players to start a game round as king, we've optimized the early game for them:
    • Minimum tributes have been increased for the first ten days from 600 to 1,000 per hour.
    • NPC governors' storage capacity has been increased from 800 to 1,200 per resource.
    • We have increased the tributes that can be collected during the "CollectTributes" quest from 50, 60 and 50 to 400, 480 and 400 respectively.
    • BP forkings is now as long as for governors. You can still drop out earlier if youreach a population of 200.
    • Thetreasures in the first governor hide-outs have been reduced.
    • Tribute Screen: Thank you again for your feedback regarding the new tribute screens! We listened to you and integrated your suggestions - we can now proudly present the results.

      • Dukes will be able to offer protection.
      • The number of treasures included is now also shown in the tribute bar.
      • We've included a “Collect all” Gold button to collect all tributes instantly.
    • Marketplace: We listened to you and changed the pagination view of the marketplace to a scrolling list, making it easier for you to find the right offer.
    • Incoming Attacks: Players, turn on your sound! Now you can hear the battle-cry of attacking troops!
    • In-Game Help: We updated the in-game help to clarify aspects such as the VP changes and what happens when a duke is dismissed.

    Bug fixes:

    • Achievements: The victory badge now also shows the kingdom name in the tool-tip.
    • Dukes: When selling stolen goods outside the kingdom borders and in a village without an active treasury, the resources took a very long time to be delivered. This has now been fixed.
    • Crop consumption: When upgrading a village to a city, the wrong crop consumption was displayed before upgrading a building. The real consumption is now displayed instantly.
    • NPC Trader: When the NPC trader screen was open while switching to another village, an incorrect suggestion was displayed. Now you don't have to refresh anymore to get suitable NPC trading suggestions for the current village.
    • Oases: Assigned oases no longer showed information about the troop bonus. They do now.
    • A couple of minor bug fixes were carried out

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