Dynamic Secret Society settings

  • Hello,

    Would it be possible to be able to change the settings of an already created SS? Right now sometimes you need to redo a whole SS because you either missed a settings or you want to add one after a while, and it's pain because you lose all previous messages, reports etc..

  • Hey Mayo,
    that might be a bit inconvenient when for example someone joins a secret society without reports sharing then all of a sudden found out his troop information is no longer private :) What do you think?

    Best regards

  • Fair enough, but its enough to notify user of SS settings and the player has to accept new settings or decides to keep his old ones, then its up to the SS owner to keep or not the player in it (obviously if the player doenst accept the new settings he wouldnt be able to have the same settings of thr ones who agreed.

  • Also if not changing the settings on how the SS works at least being able to change target whether it is for def or off! Or make multiple options

    Speaking of which, as we're going to overhaul the secret societies a bit in the future, what's your experience with using targets or goals? Are they actually put to use regularly? I most often seem to come across secret societies that are primarily simply groups of players wanting a common chat. The goal doesn't matter too much and is mostly just "protect each other" or something.

  • Yeah most use it that way as a way of communicating between premade team and using as target the kingdom protection. Which afterall makes sense since you can see the contribution of everyone in it to the kingdom.
    Also let's say that is the mother SS, you can then have sub-SS for off/def/planning/leaders etc.. so in this regard it is very useful to have some private channels that you can handle as you wish between different people.

    I would say that the targets for Bright SS are a bit useless except the one for kingdom and for the WW villages during wonder time (You can see everyone's contribution def and resource wise instead of seeing the top 3 res/def in the WW.

    Dark SS are a lot more interesting. I mainly use them to create a channel between off players to coordinate, keep track of attacks, keep track of result and numbers following off operations. As you probably read in my last story (BM story) I could keep track of how many troops we killed/ how many treasury we stole, and other stuff. This being said it's rarely or never used against one village or one person because it's unthinkable to fight only one thing and then needing to do again the SS to target something else.

    So even though some features are "unused", some are really interesting. A really big improvement would be to be able to create subgroups within the group. For instance instead of creating a SS aiming at a village/player or kingdom, you make a Dark SS and then within the Dark SS you have different tabs in which you set different targets. This would avoid having people to make and remake SS other and other. Although it's probably only my problem since not many fight everything there is on a server. :P BUT it would still be a nice change!