Morale Bonus wish

  • I wish the morale bonus affected attackers. It seems like if the morale bonus kicked in when smaller players were attacking larger players, that would introduce some trade-offs to growth that would make gameplay and the strategies possible a lot more interesting.

    Right now, there is no positive benefit to keeping your account small, as an attacker. Sure, you get a bonus in defending your villages from someone trying to conquer them but let's face it, player-to-player attacks are so rare in kingdoms that this factor doesn't really influence any kind of strategic decision-making.

    However, if the morale bonus went both ways, then an offensive player actually does stand to gain somewhat by keeping his or her account small intentionally. You forego the resource development gain made possible by building more villages, and therefore your troop count probably suffers. But on the other hand, the troops you do have would get a bonus in attacking larger players.

    Someone may opt to build a huge hammer and then in the late-game catapult all their villages to get down to a small population again. They gain a super-duper advantage, but on the other hand, their army is kind of a glass cannon. Smash it once, and that's all she wrote.

    What do you all think of the idea of making the morale bonus go both ways?

  • You already benefit from keeping your account small. The moral bonus isnt really a bonus for the defender. It is a malus for the attacker. If you keep your account small, your benefit is 100% attack power (except the target is even smaller^^) . The more pop you make the more attack power you loose.