Invite again when WW reach lvl50.

  • WW's are now over lvl70 and can't invite anymore, that's ok but my governors chief village and that was my farmlist. He not tell me that chiefing and now kick out of the Kingdom. That was mistage and I want him back but not possible. Something must to do that problem !! X/

  • Hey there @Marazkiii#FI
    we're aware of such unpleasant situations and will fix this by implementing a kick button which will be used to remove governors in the near future while attacking them won't bring the same result anymore. Hope that makes sense and sorry for the inconvenience!

    Best regards

  • Yes I Know its just really frustrating on comx right now. Its like we cant raid or we kick people... but we have to raid to feed the hammer. Just frustrating that is all... I understand you guys are working on it. Its what I tell my guys... doesnt do them a ton of good though heh.

  • We did the same. we told everyone.... but as king you get so many mails.. things slip through. Its frustrating.

    I asked support if they could add someone back but they said they could not. I cant blame them, they would be adding people all day long if they said they could LOL.

  • I look forward to this. My king went rogue and started attacking throughout his own kingdom; an allied kingdom was willing to take those of us who were kicked out since we were already merging, but he timed it right as the first competing wonder hit level 50 before they could finish activating treasuries. Now most of us are screwed; we've lost a substantial part of our resource bonuses from oases, the crop bonus from selling stolen goods, the protection (or possibility of getting it) of being in a kingdom, and we can't even build our own. We're also losing out on resources and crops from robber camp waves, and that's without looking at all the problems that come from massive troop and building losses going into the endgame. I get that betrayal is all part of a war game, but so is the possibility of rebuilding -if you don't have even a small chance and can't do anything, the game just isn't fun.