Sound effect for troops arriving at home

  • After the last update I wanted to test this great new sound warning fpr incoming attacks. Usually I disalbe the sounds as soon as i login for the first time. So I was surprised that there is a sound effect for troops arriving at home even when you have another village open. And seriously, who thought that this was a good idea? If you are an activ farming account you get these sounds nonstop all day long. You have no other choice than disable the sounds or use adblock to block some of them ( which can probably be a reason for the mh to ban you if he really wants to).
    This is another fine example showing that the devs obviously dont play their own game. Otherwise they should have noticed at the first test that this was a horrible idea.

  • I think you missed his point. He usually leaves sound disabled, but wanted to test the new sound warning feature for new incoming attacks. The point is that sound effects for returning troops are always triggered, no matter in which village you are and therefore you have to disable all sounds because it's annoying like hell - and therefore you can't benefit from good sound features as an account who is farming actively.

    By the way, using browser extensions is illegal for Kingdoms and you don't even need one to mute a specific tab, at least not in Chrome.

  • And another sound got added for the village overview. Another one you have to block, if you want to benefit from the attack warning.
    If you are going to add more and more sounds then please include a menue where you can enable or disable every single sound effect. Would be very helpfull >_>