More Speed Servers

  • Hello everyone,

    The international comx3 is coming to an end and I was wondering why we didn't had more speed servers. I wanted to suggest to the Travian's Team to create more speed servers on the international worlds (we could name them Com1x3; Com2x3; Com3x3; ect...) and to create at least one speed for each regions (I'm still waiting for the new French speed btw). I think students like me don't really have the time to play on normal servers for 4 months, and it's easier for us to play speed servers, which are also way more funnier and dynamic than the classical ones...

    So that's it, thanks !

  • Hello Soulou,

    Thank you for your feedback!

    Upcoming Thursday, on the 01.06.2017 on 2:00 pm we will restart the international x3 game world.

    The French language is also available on this game world.


  • Hi,
    And for students who didn't want to start a new speed server now because of examens, could you tell me when will be the start of the next one please ?

    Thanks :D

    Hello @moonstruck_FR
    we don't have a fixed date yet but it'll probably start shortly after the currently running speed world ends.

    Good luck on your exams!
    Best regards

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International

  • Are there going to be any Kingdoms speed server in the US. You also need to do a better job of saying in the notices that a server is a Kingdoms/speed server. I was waiting for another speed server and did not see the notice. Legends sends notices all the time of different servers. I really like this server but in the future hope you make it less about gold.

  • Not sure how the powers that be expected to grow a new game without time. You take back to only .com you will kill the game. Think back to when you first started Travian. You did not open up to huge numbers. Cut back how much gold it costs to play and give it time. This game is much more cut throat than Legends and will pick up a following. But you can not expect it to happen after two servers and only one Speed server. If there were more you did a poor job of getting the word out to speed server players. I for one never got notice of the com2x3 server. This is a problem you have to resolve. Give realms more time to develop more players as the ones playing tell their friends. Get the word out to the target players in all their email addresses and lets build this game world right.