• I spent all my time over 12 servers of Travian leaving my troops in my village. I never knew that if you station them at an oasis they won't consume crop anymore.
    I lost so much damn crop...
    I just feel so bad and stupid and I wanted everyone to know that and not make the same mistake, thanks.

  • When you assign an oasis to your embassy, the bonus that oasis will give to your village is based on your ranking. Your ranking depends on the influence you have on that oasis wrt other people. The influence depends on: you global pop within the 7*7 of the oasis sum of (each_village/distance_wrt_oasis) + the number of troops you place in that oasis. Each troop stationed in the oasis gives you one more influence point on that oasis.
    Depending on your rank 250/200/150/100/50 troops can produce resources for the village where you have assigned the oasis (respectively the ranks are 1/2/3/4/5)

    So if you have an oasis with crop and you place some troops in it they will produce crop for your village.

    You can find all information in the wiki of TK.

  • That was really helpful, thank you.
    I currently hold the first rank, I'm going to station 250 there for maximum production, 250 in another one I take in the embassy. I never knew you could increase your production in such ways, I played the game wrong for a lot of time. I appreciate your help.