About Equipment Appearence

  • Hello there. I wanted to know a few things about equipment.

    Which gear would provide maximum Fighting Strength for the hero?
    Which gear would provide maximum health regeneration?

    And lastly, when does the stronger stuff appear? You'll notice in the auctions there are weak items at the beginning of a server, but as the server goes on, better equipment appears. Rather than Small ( equipment name ) there's Large, which is much better.

  • You can read all about that here: http://wiki.kingdoms.com/tiki-index.php?page=Equipment

    In short:
    The armor/left/right equipment can boost fighting strength, even more if you have matching troops with your hero such as Club of the Clubswinger +3, for every additional clubswinger with your hero on the same attack.

    For healing, if I remember if right the Helmet/Armor have several variants of healing equipment. Ofcourse Tier 3 equipments are the strongest.

    Furthermore you can boost the items above with dedicated gems, up to 5 for every item.