Some players get resources way too fast...

  • Now I'm not saying that some people are cheating here or anything. I'm just saying that some people, even without the use of gold, have far more resources than others. It's like they had the ability to raid and farm 3 days earlier than me...

    I start off in a normal server, everything alright, 7 days of protection is more than enough to get my stuff ready. Halfway through the protection I notice a message from someone telling me to enjoy the server, in which I take it as some sort of competition. I ready as much troops as possible while building. Protection is over, and holy hell I am as much as hell is.

    Some random disgusting loner attacks me with 3x the number of troops I have and I have no idea how the hell he got all these troops up. His hero didn't find some every adventure, right?
    Before I know it I'm being farmed, I do my best to fight it, but I give up, knowing that I have zero chance of winning the server and being at a complete disadvantage, and after a few days I notice rams coming my way and say ""

    I mean, in two days I managed to get 145 clubswingers, kind of a high score for me. But of course I get attacked by over 600, and while I try to rebuild they start catapulting my ass. I mean, what in OBLIVION is that?

    Do you focus most, if not all your production into troop training? Because most people with low population have a high amount of troops, higher than most others, but still, how can you train so much soldiers with your low resource production anyways...

  • The game is about efficiency. Some people know the tricks and good build orders so it seems they are on 2x speed or something. Theres many way to play the early. If you make lots of troops, yes your pop will be low. But you should be keeping those troops alive and farming. Then you will outgrow those early simmers. Farming is an exponential game. more troops = more farm. more farm = more troops.Alternative is to focus on developing your village early. If you are gaul, the traps will often deter most attackers as you build up a strong foundation. But the fastest growers will always be top raiders, and king with large kingdom.

    You picked arguably the most challenging tribe. IMO if you make too many mistake as teuton early, recovering and becoming on top again is very hard, maybe even impossible. You really need to know what you're doing. Your clubs are also your income. Since you made clubs, you need to keep them alive and keep them farming. You need travian plus for this. It sound like you are a lone player who is playing offense teuton. That itself already sounds like a recipe for disaster. You need some personal defender if you play offensive teuton. Since you are probably definitely going to be attacked back by the players you plunder. If you play alone, I suggest you play gaul. you can sim and cranny and dodge troops with chicken boots. You are almost guaranteed to make it out of early game no problem.

    Just keep playing and learning from your mistakes. Once you understand more about travian, you'll become the "random disgusting loner" who attacks the noobs with 3x their troops. xD

  • The key is raiding, that teuton player probably was raiding weaker players from the moment people around him dropped out from beginners protection.

    "I start off in a normal server, everything alright, 7 days of protection is more than enough to get my stuff ready. Halfway through the protection I notice a message from someone telling me to enjoy the server, in which I take it as some sort of competition. I ready as much troops as possible while building. Protection is over, and holy hell I am fucked as much as hell is."

    Now this tells me you spent all 7 days in protection, this is simply not something you can do (especially as a teuton) that guy spent maybe 2-3 in protection and has from that point been farming everyone around him.

    I would also like to note that Teutons are the hardest tribe to play effectively, it's eat or be eaten world with them, hence lot of teutons specially target rival teutons early to shut them down (+ teutons have weakest defense so they make naturally good farms)

    I suggest starting out as Gauls and practicing your diplomacy game, in a 1v1 offense always wins but defenders can group up against single player so get some team members for you

  • hahahha!! Butthurt! xD

    lemme tell u something, the res u invest in fields is paid back by the gains only after a LONG time. And there are a lot of people who do the Field Simming in Travian (especially romans and gauls) in the early days. ( I am NOT saying its wrong, its just a method of play and is a good method infact when used right.) . So then, there are the experienced aggressive teutons who realize that there are a lot of ppl simmming fields without defense. They use all (ALL) their quest bonuses into makin clubs ( Which will hit the economy of the village, atleast in short term). On a simulation , u can find 5-6 accs for every aggressive teut in a normal map (even more simmers per aggressive teut normally early game). Now, these teuts will raid the f out of all the neighbours who r out of bp. Now there r consequences in this approach :
    1) If they dont raid, their investment is lost .
    2) If they lose troops, their investment is lost
    3) Worse, if a hero follows back these clubbie armies, they lose all their advantage in num of troops and are set back real bad

    Overcoming these probs requires experience and smartness and more importantly activity. On the other side, if he cleared 2-3 acc of simmers,
    1) He gets triple the res than any player at that moment
    2) He uses it to make more clubs
    3) He uses res to queue up fields as well
    4) After a week, he will have a proper economy AND a huge Fk*n army :D (prolly catas as well if he decides no no for second villa rush)

    The ONLY Reason why the early-game teuton is at an advantage is because not all simmers have a lot of activity :P, the only reason early-clubbie rush works is because of the Noobs :)


  • Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. But can you tell me why offense always wins in 1v1?

    Because (successful) offense armies are bigger than defense armies because offense players can more easily supplement their income by attacking others, this way offense armies grow bigger faster than defense armies.
    This is especially true during the early phase of the game and especially true with teutons.
    Even in the later stages of the game the bigger hammers tend to be able to crush any single player on defense (outside of the best defenders of the server).

    Offense and defense are balanced around the fact that only 1 army can attack at a time but several armies can defend, so naturally when you take away the defenders biggest advantage (being able to get help from friendly villages) offense tends to dominate.

    The teuton vs teuton matchup is especially volatile early since if both players make clubs the one who attacks the other wins because clubs have such a disproportionate offense and defense stats (40 attack vs 5 infantry defense). It's because of this especially why teutons is a hard tribe to play, their defense capabilities are very limited and your army can get easily picked off if you are inactive, the payoff is of course massive army of cheap and reliable raiders at your disposal if you everything right.

  • Com2x3 (Speed Server)

    What if whole kingdom is farming you for no reason.....
    For example this player Anson from kingdom G"F and other players from same kingdom is really farming me all the time. Now, even other players from different kingdoms near me farms me too......

    Even the Hammer of the Duke was dropped on me from kingdom G"F

    Even the King of G"F YeYe_McDo was not able to stop him... as a resort he also started attacking me.

    I am destroyed every day by their rams.....

  • It doesn't need a reason to farm someone. It needs a reason to NOT farm someone (which could be same ally, too active --> losses or no bounty, too many trappers...)