Your input is needed! - Game round rankings

  • Hello community,

    We are planning to rework some elements of the screen you see when a game round ended. For example, we want to include new rankings about destroyed wonder of the world levels.
    In the past you've provided great suggestions about the tribute windows, that’s why we’d like to take the opportunity to hear your feedback and ideas regarding the end of gameworld window.


    Did you always wonder who killed the most robbers?

    Who produced the most crop or even who did the most mouse clicks during a world?

    Are you convinced you managed to complete the most adventures, or killed the most heroes & chief units?

    Or would you like to see more personal statistics about your own accomplishments during the game?


    We are now looking for your suggestions to add new interesting or fun rankings to our end of game world window.
    Let us know your ideas and maybe in the next game round you will be placed rank 1. in one of our new rankings.

    Your Travian Kingdoms team

  • Hi Mayo,

    we already implemented changes to our VP system and our game designer and developer are still working on more improvements.

    I know from the discussions, some player were hoping for harder changes, and we are still investigating the topic.

    In the meanwhile we also want to improve other parts of our game.

    What kind of specific statistics do you have in your mind?

  • Anything that allows me to easily compare myself and my alliance with people/alliances around me or on the rest of the server. It's important to be able to put several pages of information next to eachother so I don't have to e.g. go to attack statistics, search for a player, go back to attack statistics, search for another player, etc. I want to be able to see that all at once, and easily. Within the current UI, and I suppose the goal of the game being a casual game where you might not even want all this info findable, I'm not sure it's possible. Also given the fact that you can't use multi-tabbing, but perhaps you're a genius, have fun :D .

    One thing I've missed from the old tools that used to be available outside of the game ( , pretty much dead now) is being able to see which alliance conquered which villages from which other alliances in the past. Including old and new village name, coords, graphical representation of the conquerings on a map, while keeping track of name changes of alliances. Would also love to be able to see pop drop changes over time in alliances. All this to see which alliances have been active in fighting somehow. I'm guessing all of this is impossible within the game so perhaps some tool will put this stuff (back) in. Incredibly important to know the rest of the server in a competitive game if you're a premade alliance looking to win from the start.

    A second thing - but I haven't played in a long time so who knows if it's been changed - is that I remember being unable to look up players within an alliance easily from the alliance page. Excepting kings and dukes. I have to be able to look up players easily to help decide where to attack. Not just on the map, where I would have to piece together village by village where the account of a player is. Of course in reality I use tools for this. This is a basic thing. Again, probably something hidden on purpose, but hugely annoying nonetheless.

  • One thing I already suggested in the german forum: gold ranking. Would be nice to know how much gold (and silver) other people spent compared to myself. Other interesting things: biggest robber and biggest looser, most troops trained, most ressources spent, most attacks/farm attacks/scout attacks sent, most ressources gathered (for kings and dukes), highest online time.

  • It's on what the whole game is based though, seems to me it's pretty important :D

    More seriously, I would love to have back the alliance/kingdom medals and that the kingdom evolution was based on the pop of the evolution and not on the ranking of the kingdom (which doesn't make any sense)

    Also for the chiefing thing you can have a global idea of how much you chief using gettertool (although it's a bit bugged lately since it considers as chiefed villages also villages of inactive that disappear and where someone settle afterwards).

    Having the global rankings of off def raid not only the top10.

    Getting back the old population/off/def rankings, no one cares about having half the screen occupied by either the top3 or by seeing some really useless infos. Once upon a time you could see how many villages one had, right now you need to click on the profile or put your mouse over his name...

    Knowing how many troops of each alliance I have killed, how many troops of each alliance I have deffed, how many buildings I have destroyed, how many resource fields I have destroyed (both of these based on their level and if it was a capital or not), how many player I attacked/deffed deleted.

    Regarding the proposition of how much gold is spent wrt others I don't think it's possible to do (legally I mean) and if it was possible to do, it's not a good idea, it's none of others business on how much money I spend on a game.

  • Agree with Mayon on that gold point, though I don't think devs would implement it anyways.

    I would definitely like to see a personal stats page with all sorts of personal stats like troops trained, lost and starved, maybe even troops lost on attacks and defenses as separate things. The idea being to provide lot of useful stats like total starved troop count to know how well you did so you can improve on that or compare with your friends. There could be few "fun" stats there as well like number of heroes killed and number of times your hero died or what ever. I don't think these personal stats would need global visible rankings during the server but they could be revealed at the end, either with a full global list or just showing you how you ranked in each category.

    Currently stuff like total troops trained is impossible to track after you finish the 100k mission (which is probably enough for some people) and it would be nice to see exactly how many you lost where and how. I would draw inspiration from games like CS:GO, League of Legends, Dota 2 and world of warships, all these games provide all sorts of personal stats (serious and not so serious) so you can keep track of your progress and how well you do.

  • An important change i feel is needed to make the top list of deff and off relevant again would be to remove the off point that you get from killing robbers, natars and nature. Off and deff points should only be rewarded when you are actually fighting players not non player characters.

    currently the top 10 attacker is a list of what governor has the most troops more than anything since the size of the hideouts increase with troop numbers. And even if they only count as half it makes a huge difference when you get roughly 1 hideout per day that has 10-30k exp worth of troops in it.

    And good luck for dukes and kings to keep up in off points when i can cash in ~40-50K off points per week with very efficient trades against hideouts as those units have no deff bonus, no upgrades and you can siege them. If you also clear oasis it further emphasizes the problem.

    I also think there should be an upper limit on the size of hideouts as they can get completly ridiculous when you have a lot of troops as a gov but thats a suggestion for another thread (Screenshot by Lightshot ~34000 exp of units)

  • Honestly not sure why it's still a thing, offense point list is especially bad as it's basically just a measurement of the size of the kingdom (big kingdoms with more governors will almost always top the offense points with simply killing robbers). At least defense points tend to be pretty reliable as defending against robbers is much less common that killing them.

    I would still like the stats to stay in game, perhaps include a personal tab that keeps track of animals and robbers killed and such. I think I might have a post above about that sort of thing as well.

  • At least defense points tend to be pretty reliable as defending against robbers is much less common that killing them

    Untill WW race begins and the kingdoms in the lead cash in huge amounts of deff from natar waves. But i do agree that this is less of a problem as it only affects the server during the last month of the server.

  • An important change i feel is needed to make the top list of deff and off relevant again would be to remove the off point that you get from killing robbers, natars and nature. Off and deff points should only be rewarded when you are actually fighting players not non player characters.


    I tend to agree.

    I'm not 100% sure I like it entirely, but for completely tangent reasons: the current situation gives you a way to judge whether some player is actually attacking you when they are not clever enough to not tackle robber camps or hideouts when they already have fakes running. But I tend to see this as no good reason against the change you suggest.