Changelog 0.72

  • Improvements

    • Chat: When a player deleted himself, you can now delete the 1:1 conversation messages with him, too.
    • Battle reports: The information displayed in battle reports is now more understandable and provides you with a bit more information.

    Bug Fixes

    • Wall: The invisible constructors left behind some parts of the wall when you put the wall in the Building queue and removed it again before starting the construction process. Now, they take everything with them when they are sent home.
    • Secret societies: When you want to create a Secret society, you get now an error notice when the name of it already exists. Also, Cyrillic letters are now allowed to use in the name.
    • Map: When marking a kingdom, you had to refresh the game to see the changes on the strategical map view. Not anymore!
    • Field message: When you hide a personal field message on the map, it will stay hidden forever and won't show again.
    • Celebrations: In conquered villages, the inhabitants didn't want to stop partying so that the celebrations sometime took way longer than usual. We convinced them now to stop in time and to look forward to a new celebration.
    • Duke villages: Even as a duke, your villages produce tributes. This resource production is now shown correctly in the personal tribute screen.
    • Collect tributes: Now, you can hear how your public purse is filled because we implemented a sound when you click on the "Collect Tributes" button.
    • Animations: When animations are turned off, the crossed swords disappeared. Now, they are also shown as a static image.
    • Off points: If a player attacks an oasis where another player has troops stationed, then the attacking player will only receive 50% off points. For every "real" troop from another player, the player will get 100% off points now.
    • Oases: If you search for coordinates of an oasis at the send troop’s window or on the map, the result is shown twice. Now, every oasis will be shown only once.
    • Quest Book: The quest "Assign oasis" was only shown after reloading the page. Now, it is shown immediately when the requirements are met.
    • Village names: It is not possible any more to use coordinates as village names.
    • Troops in villages: When a hero from another tribe supports you in one of your villages, he will also be shown now in the overview window "troops in villages".
    • In Game Help: The zoomed images for buildings and troops are now actually displayed and don't throw an error any more.
    • Small map: When a hero equipped with a small map is attacking and the deletion process of the targeted player is finished before the attack, the small map bonus was not granted for the returning troops. It will be now.
    • Notepads: When typing in coordinates directly in a notepad page, the layout breaks. This is fixed now.
    • City: When you downgrade a city to a village while still having resource field upgrades to level 11 or level 12 in the queue and already saved the resources for these upgrades, you didn't get these resources back. Now you will.
    • Kingdom profiles: When viewing other kingdoms profiles, you will now also see the scrollbar on the right.
    • Icons: We lost some icons in shared battle reports, the silver accounting and some Gold confirmation pop ups. Luckily, we found them again and put them back where they belong
    • A lot of minor bug fixes and layout improvements

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