Bug with village screen

  • Hi, while i was playing, suddenly one of my villages became broken and nothing can be done in it (field view is fine).
    Other villages are ok, everything works fine except this one.
    Causing me lots of issues... cant train troops, cant build stuff, research... cant click on any building whatsoever and top left corner shows things like: building not built when i try to access barracks and stable through that. So im kinda losing on a lot right now...

    Stuff like this instead of the names of buildings and such.

    Attachment shows how it looks like. And its only that one village, my capital. I tried restarting firefox, refreshing with ctrl+f5 to force reload, cleared cache and all that. Still, no help.

    edit: works in chrome. Kinda strange considering its just one village and cache and everything has been cleared. Oh well...
    edit2: forgot to mention, bug is in firefox. Strange, but oh well, at least i can play in chrome

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  • Hello.
    If clear cache, history, cookies dosn't help....
    Install other version Firefox like 55.0 beta.
    Fix problem at all....

    I tink there is a bug witch hardware acceleration.