Increase the amount of generated oases

  • Dear mods, devs and players.

    While ago I was chatting with a friend of mine about the whole oases/embassy system and we came up with few ideas, which I would like to share with you right now.

    First of all, it feels like there is really not enough oases for all the villages out there, therefore almost nobody cares about them in the later stages of the game. So our idea is to increase the amount of initially generated resource(not 50-crop) oases by 10%. This shouldn't make a huge difference in terms of filling the map, but will add more reasons to actually build up embassies in our supplier villages.

    Why it shouldn't affect high-crop(50%) oases? In my opinion current amount of them is just right, it's always bringing up sort of competition in the early stages of the game to grab the best 150% / 125% crops and that's always nice and welcome. Because of that it should affect only the casual 25%/25% oases, to give us more options in building up our economy and mostly to actually give us the reason to build lvl 20 embassies also somewhere else than in the capital city.

    Another thing which crossed my mind is: Why don't we have for example 50% clay/wood/iron oases? I understand that this might be harmful in terms of game economics and its not optimized for that, but hey, did you try it? It might bring even more competition to the early game. People wont be rushing only for the best MCs, but also for the best resources income. For instance, me as an active defender who is not really going for a huge MCs in the early stages, it would give me a reason to also rush the second village and grab that oasis ASAP.

    What do you think about these ideas? Please let me/us now and lets start the discussion :)