Option to release all reinforcements

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  • Releasing reinforcing troops from a village can be very tedious and time consuming. After a large def call it can take 15-20 mins of expanding tribes and returning 1 village at a time just to send the troops home.

    Is there a reason an option has not been made to release all reinforcing troops (except captured zoo) at once?

  • I actually wouldn't like to see this option. Often people have to send very early as they'll be offline when they should send their troops, so they add a ram with their troops to slow it down and conserve crop in the defending village. Releasing them all at once after the attack means they'll be waiting for a very long time for their troops to get home. Personally I return troops types for each village separately - e.g. phalanxes, separate to druids, separate to the hero. I agree that it takes a long time - half an hour usually. Perhaps a Return all cavalry/Return all infantry/Return all heroes option would be better. There would need to be some way to keep permanent standing defense from returning.

    For me, the most annoying thing now is that, say after returning all the spears from 1 Teuton village, it then goes back to the Show all Teutons screen. It would be faster if it stayed on that village until I sent the paladins home, then went to the next Teuton village, before going to the Show all Romans.

  • While this feature might be nice at least to have as an option I don't particularly like it as lazy defense hosts might just send my stuff without speed separating them first which can be very annoying.

    Honestly the real solution to this problem is to actually just fix the way the rally point works so 1) It doesn't lag like hell when there is a ton of reins and 2) it doesn't close every time you send something out so you can smoothly tap the defenders back to their homes.
    Granted I have no idea what the limitations for this are from technical perspective but you would think that a game could load even few hundred entries smoothly in 2017, after all it's not like the troops are animated and visible but rather they are a glorified excel sheet with nice images and such.