Introduction thread

  • Dear players,
    we would like to know you better so we decided to create this thread where you can share a bit more information about yourself :)
    Where are you from? What's your favorite color? How many rounds of TK did you already play? Do you have any significant achievements? What game world we can find you on?

    We're looking forward to your posts,
    Your Travian Kingdoms team

  • Hey,

    I will go first even if I am a bit disappointed by the fact that you do not introduce yourself in the introduction tread Georgi.

    Currently I am working on my Bachelors in Forestry, it is a five year program and I did my first year this year. Basically what I hope that it would mean in the future is that I get to work in the forestry industry in Sweden and have a career where I base my work on meeting people and being outdoors.

    Other then that I train Brazilian Jujitsu twice per week, I started that the fall of 2016 so am still grinding that white belt 2 stripe status (for anyone non initiated that basically means that I am the lowest in the pecking order at my club). I can also add that I did do 3 competitions since I started where the first one I got submitted by a blue belt with a straight foot lock and then got to meet a fellow white belt in the next round that I actually took out on points (I rode mount for a while, you could say I sat on the guy). Second competition I did quite well and ended up with a gold medal in a local tournament.
    Third was also a success where I got to submit my first opponent with a "rear naked choke", if anyone ever watched bully beatdown before the match felt like that.

    I have a girlfriend that I love very much that supports me a lot too so I am quite happy about that.

    As far as Travian Kingdoms go I have the pleasure of currently playing for Hunters under my account "leax" on com2, that is a blast, we are working to have fun and possibly win the round against 3 other big kingdoms. Super stoked about that round.

    I started playing as Sten on Com7 with a friend and I guess I am still finding my way there my current kingdom is not so active. My on account is doing quite well so I guess I will wait and see.

    That is a short introduction, if you got threw this one I applaud you.

  • Hello there :)

    @leax#NO: Great that you did the start!

    My name is BridgetB and I play mostly on an international world or a German game round, but under another name so that I won't end as a farm :D

    I am looking forward to the new special worlds and maybe will join the French one this time. What I really like is to name my villages after food or animals in alphabetical order. Mostly, I play the Gauls or sometimes, when I have the time, the Teutons.

    My favorite color chrimson, but actually I like almost all shades of red.

    Currently, I live in Munich and I like to travel and reading fantasy books.

    Now, it's your turn: Where are you from and what place do you want to see next? I really want to visit Iceland!

  • Heya, I'm Alex. I've been playing Sandbox MMOs for close to 20 years now (starting with UO and Shadowbane) but those were all client-based games. I was always going to start playing Travian "soon" but never really got started because I dreaded the high time invest. I'm not 15 anymore and so I can't get up at 4 in the morning to defend against a Siege (as we've done a lot in SB in the early days). =D

    I now played my first full round on COMx3 and I'll play another round when the Night Truce game worlds get rolled out.

    See you in the game.


  • I like it, Greetings, my name is William Crabb, I have played I think 5 or 6 servers, finished 4, won 3 (2 as king) My name in game is normally LordofDogs I used kingofkings at once as well. Outside of playing kingdoms I am a stay at home dad/college student using my GI Bill. I am a certified personal trainer, health and fitness freak, but I play a lot of video games. Favorite color, green, favorite food is pizza(I do not eat it much but when I do its like it never existed). I am always looking for friends to play games with, Travian or whatever else. Any questions just ask! I am also looking for a dual on the speed server COM1x3 if anyone is interested. Rank 6, Teuton account.


  • Hi y'all,

    At the risk of being blocked for trying to necro a very old thread... it's sad to see the playground here looking so quiet for such an active game. I'm new here (as if you couldn't see my status already!) and trying to make friends in this strange new world... so I thought I'd try adding some headings to see if that helps... (with all due apologies to any admins if I am doing wrong - but I guess you can close this down if you are unhappy :)) …

    Country: UK - the Welsh bit of it

    Job: Mum... and therefore general dogsbody

    Kingdoms server(s) Com 4 - first play and enjoying it so far

    Favourite Colour: Blue

    Favourite music: Rock

    Last place you visited: Barcelona - wow that city is amazing

    If you could be any character from a computer game - what would you be? R2D2 from lego star wars... 'cos Star Wars AND Lego AND computer games all together is just awesome!

    Now, is anyone game for cutting and pasting the headings and kicking this into life.. 'cos this thread is a great idea... and it would be good to know a little more about this game's community...

  • Hello Ghoti#EN(1)

    welcome and great that you reactivated this thread :thumbup:

    Nice way of introducing yourself. My favorite color has changed to Amaranth since I introduced myself the last time and the last place I visited was Vienna.

    I am a Star Wars Fan, too, and loved the Lego Batman movie :)

    Who will be next?

  • Well, hello there,

    This is Starx (We had a team meetup last year and everyone called me "Starx" despite knowing my real name so I might just stick to that)

    I'll use @Ghoti#EN(1)'s template for rest to keep it simple :

    Job: I'm an Architect, the old conventional one, which made buildings , not any of this IT stuffs.

    Kingdoms server(s) : COM6 Dry, COM7, COM2, COM6, also few old legend servers 8-9 years ago.

    Favourite Colour: Yellow

    Favourite music: No clue, usually like variety of songs, mostly the one with proper lyrics and not a lot of music per say.

    Last place you visited: Christmas Markets in Bratislava, Vienna ( BridgetB it's a lovely city right? ) , Brno and Krakow on a kingdom meetup. I'd also like to invite all the travelers out there to join our Discord (from my signature) as we're planning to organize next meetup really soon.

    If you could be any character from a computer game - what would you be? Someone who has superspeed, Sonic or The Flash !

    Do you have any significant achievements? - I guess I have a weird hobby of collecting animals, had around 10k animals in recently finished COM6, also running kingdom called ★STARS★ which by the things we have accomplished feels like a significant achievement.

    What game world we can find you on? - I am kinda taking a back seat from Travian to sort out my life but ★STARS★ kingdom and Starx account should be around on few COM normal speed servers. Really grateful for an amazing team who's keeping the legacy going.

  • Are you shy Georgi?

    He may be a robot or a program script.

    Something about me:
    Ivan, 30y/o. Croatia. I do not work for money, money is a debt that someone ows you (as favor or good). I dont think anyone owes me anything so I do not use money currency of this human world. Regarding that, I love me dogs me wife and playing travian all day long until my eyes hurt