super hero after lvl 100

  • Don't you think that heroes goes beyond 100 should still have some reward?
    Here is some idea.

    Great strength: hero + 10000 fighting strength and takes half damage in adventure
    Legendary adventurer : the adventure point recovers twice fast as normal
    Resilience: hero +20 maximum health point and can survive even health point reduce more than 90 in a single battle, but still die at a single battle when health point reduce 100.

  • I don't think those are good suggestions from a balance point of view: it would overpower heavy gold usage more.

    However some motivation and small benefit for heroes beyond Level 100 might be nice.
    * small speed bonus (+0...20%)
    * army speed bonus (analoguous to speed shoes: 0...20%)
    * wisdom bonus (+0...20% more culture points in the village s/he is stationed)
    * construction bonus (+0...20% speed on the construction in the village s/he is stationed)

    all using up points similar to the existing 4 stats (deff and off bonus, fighting power and ress bonus).