Changelog 0.73

  • Dear players,

    This latest Kingdoms version is all about improvements. We've optimized the layout of the quest book as well as every in-game window. But the changes you've been waiting for the most are most likely the simplified process of dismissing a governor or leaving a kingdom. Now your king doesn’t have to attack you anymore when you want to leave the kingdom. And if the king did so accidentally in the past because you conquered one of their farms, you are no longer kicked out for it.


    • Dismiss governor: We've made it easier for kings to dismiss a governor. Now you can click the dismiss symbol next to the governor in the kingdoms window to dismiss them immediately (see screenshot). When you attack one of your governors, they won't leave the kingdom automatically anymore. This will be a huge help, especially once WW lvl 50 is reached.
    • Leave kingdom: If you are a governor who wants to leave a kingdom, you no longer have to ask for the king's permission. Now you can go directly to your embassy and click on the leave symbol.
    • VP stealing: We've reduced the impact of VP stealing by a percentage value equal to the level of the leading wonder of the world. For example: If the leading world wonder is at level 35 when the VP stealing attack hits, the VPs stolen are reduced by 35%.
    • Silver accounting: The silver you've won in a card game will now be shown as a separate item and not just added to your old balance. This will help you keep track of your silver stocks.
    • In-game windows: We've made the in-game windows more dynamic so that they now take into account the limits of your computer screen.
    • Quests: We've improved the layout of the quest book entries so that you can read the tasks more easily.

    Bug Fixes:

    Relocation: When your hero caged some animals and they hadn't already arrived at your village when relocating, the animals were unable to track down the place you moved to. They can now and will also reinforce your village when your position on the map has changed.

    Which of these improvements do you like the most? And did you also experience your hero lose some animals on the way back home? The reduced impact of VP stealing means that VP production is more powerful now. What do you think about that? We are interested in your comments!

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International

  • I have an idea about improving Kingdoms why don't you make some kind of unified army so the king call for his dukes and governors to send troops to one of the villages in his territory to assemble one army and when they reach he can send the army as one unit to the target he wants or assign one duke or governor to do so?

  • Unfortunately with your latest patch you have got the chat options incorrect- they default to the start of chat rather than the latest one in which is a pain- plus the more serious one is with 12 or more villages you cannot click on the village you want to sent troops of goods to you cannot scroll down to the bottom two either - only three villages show and unable at all to get to bottom villages without having to type in name of villages- you really need to get a patch out fast for your patch.

  • Hello @ShinyPink#EN
    thank you very much for reporting these issues! They were already forwarded to our technical team for further investigation we'll take the appropriate measures

    @Fine#EN(3) That is an interesting idea, however it would be very hard to make sure it doesn't destroy the balance. Do you think it can be eventually implemented as a feature on future special game worlds and what limitations would help keep the balance according to you?

    Kind regards

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International

  • I have a good idea, how about don't add unified armies in any form. The game is supposed to be about strategy, and doing the best you can with time constraints. Truthfully, a united army type feature would be the death of strategy and the game.

  • I like what you've done to the communities tab. It is nice to be able to see many more names of who is in my kingdom now in a single glance. I think the quests tab looks a bit bulky compared to what it was...but hey, maybe it will help people who have a hard time seeing. :)

  • Hi again,
    thank you very much for sharing your thoughts, we always appreciate hearing your feedback.

    @julius_DE thank you for reporting, our QA team is already investigating the problem

    Kind regards

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International