First Round of Special Kingdom worlds will come soon

  • Dear players,

    a new type of game world will start soon! We’re talking about our special game worlds with truces at night! On this kind of game worlds, there will be no attacks during nighttime. More specifically, it will not be possible to start or land any attacks, raids or sieges the night.

    This means you will finally be able to sleep calmly. So simply use up your resources, fill your building queue and go to bed. The game will be waiting for you in the morning! Since this nightly peace is only possible when playing on a local game round, these special rounds will also be local rounds.

    Quick points:

    • Truce at night between midnight and 8:00 AM
    • No attacks, raids or sieges against players during these hours. The attack cannot arrive or be sent between these hours.
    • World Wonders are an exception. They can always be attacked, even when a player holds it.
    • NPCs like Natars or Robbers can be attacked and they might attack you.
    • Reinforcements and espionage are still possible at night.

    So, what do you think about our first special game world? Will you join?

    To find out more about this new feature, read the blog (available in English):

    We are looking forward to your thoughts and comments!

    Your Travian Kingdoms team