New COM6 - A sim fest? Discussion about Dry Season [edited]

  • In this new server, people are going to be able to sim like never before! The single most exciting server ever is about to start!

    Have you ever dream of simming without being punished for it? Do you agree that troops are useless in a war game? Are you ready to impress people with 10k armies? Then this is the perfect server for you! Come and join us for the best, funnier simming server ever!

    More seriously, what the hell?

    And while we are at it, can a dev explain why did they chose to decrease the duke number to 3?

    Thanks a lot

    [Addition from @BridgetB] I added "Discussion about Dry Season" to the title. For further info about this special game round, look here: Dry Season Round

  • Shhhh, this is true for normal servers, without any ****, I mean this is literally killing any chance to do anything ahah

    Lategame Natar will clear WWs and bring them down on their own, getting more than like 100k troops is going to be the biggest achievement ever on those servers x)

  • I like the idea, BUT; The main problem I see with it is that building croppers as a non-roman will be even harder than before as you need to spend a good portion of the server just upgrading crop fields.

    Currently, you can upgrade things in your town that take up to 10 hours or so, and gold crop fields that take DAYS for quite cheap (even with just gold you gain from cards and silver exchange). Now you will have to gold your town buildings instead of crop fields, which means much more gold to keep up with romans! :(

    I've had my cropper building on com5 fairly non-stop all server and my roman friends are on 18fields while im still on 15/16 due to having to upgrade infrastructure first.

  • Let's summarize the four preceding posts: "meh, I don't like it as I cannot buy an advantage in crop there".

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  • @Rashiditx:
    Buy an advantage? What? You can get tons of gold for free if you play with the auction system ;)
    No crop means no troops, it means the server will be a sim fest, which means that the epic battles will be made of 10k crop consumption armies.
    Having a 15C on the new COM6 its like the worst idea ever,, it will cost a ton of resource for little gain, people will just wait and chief natars, it will be the first server where you can easily find 15C availables ahah
    People trooping early will have huge crop problems right away, if the return of the investment on troops isn't good or if something bad happens by building troops (aka losing troops in a stupid way) you will fall behind A LOT with respect to people who will sim.
    The more you will sim the more troops you will be able to sustain and even then you will need to raid and unless the server is full of farms, which I doubt anyone would actually play for the long term. You will have major problems to hold more than 30/40k troops even after 110 days and imagine that being the top players, it means that WW will be empty and during WW natar will clear the WWs even ahah, actually even just thinking of holding a WW with the crop restrictions sounds like the worst idea one could have.
    Maybe the possible good thing of this is that being limited to have 15/20k troops, one could potentially build them every other week and use them right away since he can't build more anyway, but it means that they would crash their troops often. The troops would be similar for everyone on the server, the only difference would be the speed at which you reach the maximum number of troops so overall it could create more fighting. It also brings back some sort of croplock if you think about it. Destroying cropfields would be really strong, since they can't instant finish them or NPC crop, so if you go through a village and kill granary and cropfields the enemy would have serious troubles wrt now.
    So potentially it has some good potential and ground on which one could work, but honestly it seems to me that forcing this kind of things by limiting the user experience is just lame, I mean if you want to make people fight more there are plenty of other ways without limiting how many troops one can hold. Also it completely removes a lot of playstyles, like playing to build a WWK on your own, impossible now. Building capitals is not an option anymore due to time and cost restriction. Also it sounds really lame that you absolutely need to sim a lot to be able to sustain 10k troops without having to worry about them starving..

    IMO, it just heads to be more casual, I mean, the night truce mode and this one shows it perfectly. In this mode you login, do a few clicks, queue a few troops and log out, once you reach the maximum you can hold without worrying you wait for something to happen and you wait / sim, without having to worry to build more troops because everyone else won't have more troops than you do. While now maybe its unfair but at least you always need to aim to have more troops if you want to survive, whether you spend gold or not.
    Lastly, we complain because the game is heading to a bad direction and we want it to have the success it had during T3.6, and this is just meh.

  • And here I thought this would increase aggression as WW hammers are unsustainable and so people have to gain the lead during the server with constant skirmishes, especially since raiding and fighting to gain more crop seems very important.
    I mean sure big armies probably won't happen but I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing if fighting happens more frequently troughout the server.

    The main drawback I see in this server is that if one party starts to dominate it might be over early. WW's will be essentially impossible to take down but that's not neccessarily a problem if the server population is pretty small and kingdoms are even, then the question is rather who can build it fastest than who can bring it down fastest and economic warfare against support villages will be more important than ever. Natars might be a big issue though as the number of def troops will be low for sure.

  • Yeah as I said, it has the potential to increase fighting, and more strategic fighting indeed but that was already the case before, this time they are pushing it indirectly, but it's the players that ultimately need to fight and on TK sim fest and meta fest are really common for it not to happen unless the community doesn't suddenly change attitude towards the game :)
    I mean the main complaint is that basically the fight is fair not because of other people ability to sim/plan account/capital nor because you can't use gold but based on the game mechanics // restrictions implemented and that it makes it a lot harder to be a lot stronger than anyone else by being simply better at the game. So a guy who tries hard might not see any result of hard work / planning of his account with little to no gold while other more casual people might see the same results by using some gold. And this is also why I think it will be an even more casual server.

    And let's be honest, I appreciate the fact that somehow they are pushing for more fights, even if it took a long time, but I think there are better ways to do it rather than limiting the game mechanics or reducing the gameplay possibilities.

  • Hmmm... that might be true as well.

    I do kinda like the idea of small scale fighting server though. Kinda like I enjoy my Titan fights in eve but sometimes you just gotta go and camp a gate with your buds in rifters you know. I suppose that is what they are going for here but not sure if the execution will carry it there.

    Not sure if I personally will go there to play seriously but for sure I will make an account and see how it goes. I suppose only time will tell how it goes, I got a feeling it will fail but I can't quite point my finger where the problem in the ruleset is.

    Actually now that I think about it.
    If they want a server like this I think the key would be to reduce treasure numbers or maybe even make them static. That way people would have to actually fight for them instead of always having extra.
    That could honestly be implemented in normal servers as well though....

  • Actually it would be fun to see wars there, I for sure would love to plan them, the rules allow some kind of croplock, it could be really interesting to see how that works out in a war, but that's pretty much it as far as I'm concerned with this game mode. If a guy loses his capital crop fields and a few of his main villages crop fields, he is done for a long time, which means you could snowball on the guys if done right, a lot more than right now. A bigger variety of strategy instead of only aiming at treasuries mindlessly.

  • This won't be a thing anyway, but sure will be an interesting server. Maybe ghosthammers will be more viable than regular hammers? Maybe kingdoms will push crop for couple guys for normal massive hammers to totally destroy the WWs? This'll open up new opportunities and will probably be super interesting the first round atleast. (and after that people will just cry about multiloggers pushing crop for guys or something :D )

  • Mmmh ghost hammers are more viable currently I think, if you send say, 5k TTs against a treasury with WD and wall maxed out, it doesn't need a lot of def to completely splat, also the kingdoms will be smaller wrt to before due to the fact there are less dukes now so people will be more compacted together. Ghosts were / are really op against super large kingdom where you can reach targets in 1h30min from the other side of the server and no one can reinforce them and you can send 40k TTs.
    "Massive hammers" I really think holding more than 100k/120k hammer is going to be impossible even if you are constantly pushed by some people and that you have 2/3 natars and a decent capital. Then again, if Natars clear the WW for you, you just need to follow the natars with a couple hundred catas alone and that's it :P

    Though it would be interesting to see if people go for troops that gives more off/crop right away or will rely on cheap clubs anyway, I mean the clubs could be efficient early as usual but in this case there is almost no reason to keep building them instead of building axes on the long term, what do you think? A server where clubs aren''t the majority :O

  • Personally I think clubs will be the go to unit for teutons still. Raiding is easier than ever (thanks to no crop protection on crannies and lower def across the board) and clubs fit the build 3 simultaneous hammers to 20k and chunk them every time they reach it style I think this server will be all about.
    For a "ww hammer" axes for sure though, any unit that is sitting home more than a week or two is probably going to be a massive burden

  • No crop protection by the cranny mainly because there won't be any crop anyway in granaries ahah basically when you will spawn you will be in negative right away.
    It will be the go unit at the beginning for sure to reach the "maximum" size an hammer can achieve easily but as soon as everyone will reach the same size crop wise in def and other off, I don't think it will be worth it to be built anymore anyway. I mean as long as you train more off/time and for a longer time clubs will be the main unit but as soon as you are capped by crop and time, any other unit will be better. So IMO either teutons play aggressive and they snowball well or they need to sim aswell to be able to sustain the costs of being a teuton, otherwise you might find yourself in a blackhole that you can't exit.

  • I like how you already thinking about the perfect strategy.

    Yes, teamplay will be key and maybe some strict specialisatons like:

    • 1 kingdom member builds Teuton spies for everyone within the kingdom
    • another player is the hammer builder
    • yet another one coordinates all crop within the kingdom

    and so on.

    I am looking forward to see how the Dry Season game round will play out and who is going to win!

  • Seems like I am out of the loop, what is special about this server? Night truce?

    Edit: Found the post of what was special. Awesome stuff, I will probably stay with the current game mode but could be real fun if you go in for it :)

  • I agree to Mayo's thoughts about Axes > Clubs in the long run. For the first time i feel like being an effective roman takes equal amount of effort as other tribes. Yes simming becomes important and Romans obviously excell in that thanks to both, village and res construction slots, but for the first time romans have an useful perk that compared to other tribes is an ACTUAL PERK. So far everyone with a little bit of gold, even if its from good auction work could simply keep up with romans. Then again i really doubt it is fair in that kind of server because rather being a cosmetic perk it is an actually insane advantage compared to other tribes.

    Also, as Mayo pointed out with axes > clubs, any unit with highest dmg / crop consumption ratio becomes way more valuable and then again ROMANS are undoubtedly best in that matter aswell as they can produce most att power/hr. As a roman player im obviously happy to have my favorite tribe boosted but has the dev team overdone it this time?

    Also out of Curtain post i generated an idea about the treasure system. In the late-mid to late game kings and dukes are overflowing treasures a lot. What if the treasures would "spill" to nearby villages around the treasury making them a more worthy target if attacking the treasury seems to big of a bite. Ofcourse it raises balance questions but i think it might be pretty good in concept as you cant stack up 20k treasures in one village behind 50k standing def wall but you rather need mobile army for defending your gov's aswell. That might make the game a little more appealing for smaller group of players aswell. As a blue dream i have always wanted to see a server where 7 different rather equal kingdoms battle it out while each has their own WW. Com5 leaderboard - something like this should never happen as it is booring as hell.

  • @feRaliX#US
    It's not about that, everyone has too many so no one needs to specially attack to gain treasures.
    Last round my kingdom was under attack from day one and I don't think there was a day we didn't have more than double the treasures we wanted and the situation was same for every other kingdom as well.

    I just think treasure numbers need tuning down so no one truly has more than they need unless they steal almost all of them from their enemies.

    Last round we had 4 (some might say 5) teams of about 70 players each, yet each team was swimming in treasures.