New COM6 - A sim fest? Discussion about Dry Season [edited]

  • I'll leave you at it, if you read your own posts you will see your own contradictions,. I had fun feeding the troll now that he's back though.

    Please stop insulting me.I don't see any reason for being insulted for stating my own opinions. :(

    @Mandy: I'm 15 hours into sacrifice settling on this server and i will let you know how it turns out.I do believe it's still the best strategy in the long run especially if your mates are relocating to a new area(like me & my buddies are doing).Keep in touch!

  • How can I play this game server when I don't have friends or recognize any of the kingdoms?

    Do I wait to settle my 2nd after some powers start forming, or should I go ahead and settle a modest 9c and risk not being able to relocate?

  • If you are active and eager to learn you won't havr any problem. I'll pm you on the forum suggestions of whom you could join based on your position and why you should or not join C or Y kingdom.

  • Wben i saw the rules for this server I knew i wanted nothing to do with it. Maybe they should make a server where no troops can be made or only defense or only offense.
    an all offense server might be fun bt not during a drought