New COM6 - A sim fest? Discussion about Dry Season [edited]

  • I'll leave you at it, if you read your own posts you will see your own contradictions,. I had fun feeding the troll now that he's back though.

    Please stop insulting me.I don't see any reason for being insulted for stating my own opinions. :(

    @Mandy: I'm 15 hours into sacrifice settling on this server and i will let you know how it turns out.I do believe it's still the best strategy in the long run especially if your mates are relocating to a new area(like me & my buddies are doing).Keep in touch!

  • How can I play this game server when I don't have friends or recognize any of the kingdoms?

    Do I wait to settle my 2nd after some powers start forming, or should I go ahead and settle a modest 9c and risk not being able to relocate?