• I was unable to find an answer to this, so how does starvation work in travian kingdoms?
    I found that each dying unit refunds it's crop cost, but in TK there is no crop cost... Do dying units still refund any crop or how does it work?

  • Starvation works as follow:

    The starvation order:
    1) Reinforcements from other players
    2) Reinforcements from yourself
    3) Troops of that village in home
    4) Troops of that village on a mission somewhere else

    Within each group troops starve based on their number (or maybe it was crop consumption) until the highest stack is even to the next highest stack, after which they will start to starve from left to right (so infantry first, cavalry second, siege third, chiefs and hero last). This usually means things like chiefs starve absolutely last but if you happen to reinforce starving village with a chief that has no other foreign reinforcements it gets instakilled.
    Once particular category is entirely starved out it moves to the next one until no units remain or the crop situation is fixed.

    Each starving troop will provided 100 crop for each crop consumption it has without modifiers (so roman cavalry is 200, 300 and 400 not 100, 200, 300), so infantry is 100, cavalry 200-400, rams 300, chiefs 400 and catas 600
    Funny side effect of this is that Equites Legati (roman scout) is almost crop positive when starving, costing only 250 resources to make but generating 200 crop upon death.