Robbers of the week

  • 95%+ of that res is from Robbers... they also could have gotten a tiny amount of res by clearing Oasis. The first 2 Robber that spawn give 3600 res, that is why there are multiple people with that exact amount. The players above them already got new robbers (top 4 people in your screenshot)

  • Yea i just timed it from jesterday :D.
    1 robber instant
    2 robber 1h after killing 1st
    3 Robber spawn 2h after killing 2nd
    4 Robber spawn 4h after killing 3rd
    5 Robber spawn 9h after killing 4th

    Every robber camp got his own timer. so if you get the last recources from the robber 1 at 3PM ONLY Robber1 timer is starting.
    the Robber2 timer starts onl after you cleaned the 2nd robber.

    And the timer starts after you got the last recources out of the camp. not when you killed the robbers. you need to delete the camp from the Map.

    when the 6th robber spawns i cant tell you will see tonight :).

    so you can get 10 camps at the first day if you clean them instant. thats why some peaple got so many recources


  • I think Robber Camp 1 and 2 appear at the same time. And it´s impossible to clear them in one wave early on. So 10 robber camps might be a reach for one day.