Female avatars

  • Dear players,
    we'd like to know what are your hero avatar preferences :)

    @Male players: how many of you chose female avatars for your hero and why or why not?
    @Female players: how many of you chose male avatars for your hero and why or why not?

    Please don't forget to include your game world and avatar name in the comments in order to be able to get the prize!

    The following prizes will be distributed randomly among all those who participated:

    • 2x50 Gold
    • 3x2 books of wisdom

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    Travian Kingdoms International

  • I don't choose female avatars. Why not? It's a good question; in other games I always pick female avatars. Maybe it's because I have a male avatar I'm happy with. Possibly it's because I read a lot of historical fiction set in this time period and the protagonists are always male. Probably a bit of both.


  • Male. cause i think it represent myself. so as my gender. sometimes when i customize hero look i try to make it look alike mine. i saw some playre also do the same.

    here is the chat from game :):):):):)

    Imran Palash

  • I just chose a male avatar because I liked this dashing hair, although I did a couple female ones for the customization fun but otherwise wouldn't.

    The Cat's Meow - COM6

  • I guess choosing a male character was natural for me... what would a teuton, gaul or roman look like who goes to war? And he has to look a bit wild and fierce for that to fit my mental image of what I want and could possibly present at those times..

    Ysengrimus, DE3.

  • Hello guys,
    thank you very much for your input, it was interesting for us to read it! The following players won the prizes this week:

    50 Gold:

    • Romulus
    • Sten

    2 books of wisdom:

    • LLL
    • The Cat's Meow
    • Imran Palash

    Kind regards

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