Do my own villages generate tribute for myself?

  • If you are king they don't
    If you are duke they generate for your king

    As any role (besides the king) you can see the tributes of your own villages in the tributes tab of the kingdom screen. If you wish you can attack yourself for them but otherwise they go to the nearest king or duke when they collect them

  • If you are talking about your own villages as a duke they should so long as they are under someones influence area (be it your own, or other dukes) and the influence area is also connected to at least one active treasury of the king.
    You can check it in the tribute menu as well. as you see the accumulated tributes there.

  • Every village within the kingdom borders will generate tributes. But the king can only collect them when the area is connected to an active treasury (king or other duke) as Curtain said. If the village itself belongs to your kingdom but the area around it doesnt it will produce tributes but no one can collect them (only by attack).