• Hello Georgi,
    Thanks for quick reply. That oasis doesn't give any problem, just i am curious. so i am not sending any ticket.

    In case you guys wants to take a look (I guess its a bug) here is the information ........
    Server : com6
    Avatar name : Imran Palash
    Kingdom : FnF
    Oasis : (‬‭‭36‬‬|‭-‭38‬‬‭)‬‬

  • You absolutely sure the kingdom was never there?

    Either trough an old duke or even relocation of the king or duke?
    Could be a bug of course but I have seen these exist before with some shenanigans related to dukes and kings moving around or getting promoted and demoted

  • I am king there, and from the beginning at the same position. all the duke were closed to mine.
    I know that moving duke or king or deactivated treasury can make this. but i am sure of that it is not in this case.

  • Hello Everyone

    If you had a member near there before who had used that oasis and connected it to their village then it would have entered your kingdom.

    So until someone clears and retakes that oasis then it should remain yours as long as there are troops in it. Once the troops disappear then critters will emerge and back to nature it goes.