Weekly contest! - What would you like to ask us?

  • Dear players,

    In just a few weeks, Travian Kingdoms will be at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany!

    We want to use the occasion to answer some of your questions. Do you want to know where the name Travian comes from? Want to know how Travian Kingdoms came to be? Do you have a question for the game designers, the developers or the founder of Travian Games…? This is your chance!

    Write us what you’d like us to answer, remember to be nice and you’ll qualify to receive one of the following prizes:

    • 5 players will receive 25 Gold
    • 5 players will receive 1 artwork

    Prizes will be given randomly among all participants. Don’t forget to include your avatar name and game world.
    Ask away!

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International

  • Why don't you simplify viewing of the rally point in travian kingdoms? Is it possible to leave it as in normal Travian?

    Name: Gilgamesh
    Game World: com1x3

  • I used to play Travian over 10 years ago. One of the prime reasons I stopped playing was how long it took to get things done.
    Is there a future where Travian would have a version of itself on Steam as a fully featured Cross platform MMO RTS with a huge open world system?



  • I've played a lot of strategy game but so far travian is still top 1.
    I keep wondering why there is no one making a similar game like Travian on mobile (not the mobile version of travian kingdom, but a new game that play like travian), travian mobile is too slow (i mean when you press a button, it takes a few second to react).
    When i first come to Travian kingdom (i dont play the old travian before), i was like...wow, this is the first game that i can use my words to convince an enemy to be my ally, to make every governors go against their king...

    Are you gonna make some new nations in the game? Such as China, Egypt, Persian...etc... or some new unit like crossbow, long bow... which is great against infantry and weak against cavalry?

    Name: Ceasar
    Server: Com1x3

  • where the idea of wonder of the world come from , and what it have to do with the nattar ??

    Name avatar : John Black

    Game world : com1x3

  • Why always Roman, Teuton, and Gaul ?? I think will be better to try different story about this game.. I know and playing travian game since 2009. I apreciate game graphic and features already improve a lot.. but the story still same.. -_-

    RegEri com1x3