Weekly contest! - What would you like to ask us?

  • With the popularity of mobile devices nowadays, why is there not more effort put into the Travian Kingdoms app? What are the plans to expand Travian to the mobile user?

  • Being an old grognard having played Travian for 5 years, burned out, and then returned after almost another five years I miss having the mad scramble for Artifacts at the midpoint of the game. Any interest in bring them back? Especially the 'Artifact of the Fool' which was just craziness, fun craziness, but still crazy.

    DadDelzer on COM7...

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  • Several times I was frustrated when I can't defend my villages of little attacks but I had a few animals in other village, so I thought that would be interesting and funny... My question is:
    Would be possible the animals can be enhanced, abduced and sent like reinforcement?


  • I would like to ask why you don't make the attacks appears at the tab , so if we play at 2 servers , to know that we have an attack at the other acc , at another tab????????????????????????
    I ask it several times and you should do it
    cause its hard to play at 2 servers and watch a movie to know that we have attack at one server

  • Hello, others have mentioned adding a fourth tribe. I also think that is a good idea; China would be a fine tribe. If so, what do you think about having a library as their unique building? As you upgrade the library your hero gains a percentage increase of experience whenever he/she gains experience. Also, the library would decrease the time and cost of researching new units and upgrading them. Sounds good?

    Mike Vitarelli, COM 6

  • Were Elephants created by the developers just to mock the players and make them waste their time searching all over the map?

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    Server: Com1x3