Travian API getMapData returning in wrong format

  • Hi,
    I've been experimenting with the API you are offering at /api/external.php. I've got my secretApiKey and also a response from getMapData, but the json I recieved is in wrong format. Half of the values that are specified in json model from here and should be an integer type are a string. That isn't a huge problem, but what is, is that map.cells.kingdomId is integer when it's 0 and a string when it's not a zero.
    Should I solve this inconsistency on my side or will you be able to fix theese issues.
    Thank you

  • The getMapData documentation is kind of outdated. I'm not entirely sure what the changes were, but I think the alliances part is missing completely (because there are no more alliances). player.allianceId isn't filled aswell. But I think that's all. For the kingdomId part I have nothing clever to say, sorry - but I'm sure you should fix it yourself instead of waiting from a fix. ^^

    Best regards,