Duals location in lobby

  • Here me out on this one:

    I am playing as dual on one (local) server. I wanted to play on my own, but the team persuaded me to play as dual. I said why not.

    So after two weeks or so the owner stopped playing (has little time/family business - no need to explain), so I ended up playing alone for 98% of the server.

    I bought gold (sometimes) and I am actively participating in kingdoms actions (Def and WW ...).

    To add up: I am playing as a duke (the owner was a duke).

    But later I learned that duals do not get achievements. So I sticked with playing as dual, but I am very upset that everything I achieved on this server will be forgotten, no medal, no prestige, no nothing.

    It really killed my will to ever play as dual.

  • Dear severely engaged Travian team, any update on this obviously pressing matter? While years old, nothing has changed about this topic. Do you not want people to be able to play your videogame to its full extent as a Dual? :o

  • We have discussed this recently and the general opinion is that the way it is works best, every player has a decision to play as dual or as owner.

    If playing as dual, personally I like to play once with my account, once with the dual's account and that way step by step we gain the achievements.

    But there is another way, each has it's own avatar and we represent each other, that way we both get achievements and we both have our own gold.

    I close the thread since it is one from 2017, there are others later ones were we spoke about this things.