Natars villages or pve villages should attack players more roughly !

  • Hello ,
    i suggest to add more suspence to the game by making Natars or any neutral(pve) villages attackin real players aggressively ! or little by little .

    this gonna make the teamwork stronger , the weak may get chance to rise up while the stronger is holded back by the attacks of neutral/pve villages .

    this is really a good idea ,hope you guys will make it up .

    Sincerly 8o

  • Why don't you increase the teamwork of your kingdom by attacking and defending against other real players collectively? The PvP aspect is the primary point of the game, why attack it with even more PvE battles?

    Best regards,

  • It helps decreasing players from the map can help balancing the strenght of a powered player for example , it puts suspence, and alot of things...why not the pve cant attack us ?? this game's genre is MMO ...and in MMO games there is PVE ! where is that ?