Kingdom unions: Rebalancing changes discussion

  • The change is interesting and a step in the right direction. Large powerful kingdoms definitely became almost untouchable by the average player previously. The one thing I would like to point out though is that as others have said before, this new system tends to punish kings with less active players much more in the early game. Since they must be more diplomatic, they also have fewer raiding options as every surrounding kingdom is a potential ally or foe in the future and kings do not want to risk those future relations. What tends to happen is that dukes now grow more quickly than the kings themselves at times, leaving an odd dilemna for the kingdoms.

  • And it doesn't have to be only one type of merger -- Let the server managers decide on the requirement. Say, only kingdoms smaller than NNN victory points or we will allow mergers in sets of three. This is a dynamic way to balance the server. If one Kingdoms is running away with the server allow only smaller kingdoms to merge...

    great ideas there but that would also benefit premade kingdoms!
    they could and prob. would then make 1 third new kingdom before the merge including their top offer/big farmer pe. and raid all treasures + VP ! then they merge with someone and afterwards regain their treasures from the former left offer.

    but VERY good ideas with the names ;)

  • I feel the game seems very slow. i am used to big empires but the 10000 treasure for a 2nd treasury on top of cutting duke slots in half at start of game makes it so as 2nd tier items come out maybe 1 kingdom has 10000 treasures for a 2nd treasury. pretty much you get 3 treasuries for most of the game unless you are a top kingdom. i think you could still slow things down without bringing expansion to a halt.

  • Also, so much hate towards metas and pre existing teams here. Ive been leading my team in a few games now for over 8 years with a handful of players still with me from the begnning. Im always hearing people bash metas. i think ive finished 7 servers now, the largest team wins every time. I know some people are gonna comment now telling me how a small team can beat a big team. not if the big team is active i think its a rarity. Ive yet to see it. These new rules are not gonna stop groups of friends from playing together. All it does is force people to build quick 2nd villages far from thier spawn and then they gotta demolish their spawn. It will slow down metas but not stop them. If you want to take away the advantage that large teams get, the advantage i see is in robber camps. a loarge team maybe getting 32 robber camps at the end while other teams get 7 , 8. and the number of treasures keeps getting highrer and higher. A large team can win just by killing robbers and stockpiling stolen goods/treasures ad letting that VP build up everyday, and build up more and more as the large teams get more robber camps and treasures than the small teams. Sure you have the option to take treasure from the big teams but good luck doing that now when every king/duke only has 1 or 2 treasuries if they are lucky. I think the constant rule changes every server i play are too much and arent accomplishing anyhting other than making people leave the game. Personally this one time merge thing , in my opinion is horrible. This game makes it hard enough to get your friends on your team as it is. you just keep making it harder and harder but yu cant keep friends from playing together no matter how hard you try they will find a way and ive already found it with these rules. only having 1 influence zone is a joke and prevents you from building an empire. I thought empire building was part of this game. ou just force big teams to break up into small teams and make everying a bigger hassle but not impossible. I would like to see Travian perhaps use different game rules on different servers such as the normal speed and 3x speed servers , people get thier pick. Why not have a server with 3 kings per team (original rules, my favorite) have a merge server, a drought server(I will never play) but give people options cause not everyone likes changing the rules every server. as soon asi get used to one game play method , the next server its a totally different game. One good thing ab out these new rules is you wont be spending anywhere near as much gold casue fror kings its now no longer important to get 25 villages in a server. also on com3 can you please update the game so we can get our merges going its been over 30 days and our game plan is being stalled right now since the new rules were put in place prematurely it seems.

  • @Titan Chip I'm in for long posts, but break it on paragraphs please, it's easier to read a dont give the feeling of a TLDR kind of post, just a friendly advice :D

    OT now, i also play with a gruop of friends and we all agree that building big empires full of coas and naps are the one thing killing the fun from the game. It's a war game after all, having smaller kingdoms has forced some early skirmishes for treasures.

    On our past server there was only one big kingdom which consisted of 60-70% players of the server, of course all the other smaller kingdoms united to fight the big bad, but just by sheer numbers we were unable to deal any real damage, now they are just playing sim while waiting for the WW.

    The problem we have now with the new system is that the game feels a lot slower than before, x1 speed feels like 0.5x now, we are almost 3months into the server and we are finally reaching the 10k mark to open a new treasury. Lots of people have deleted or abandoned just cuase there are not enough kings and the existing kingdoms cant reach 'em fast enough plus the merge feature is not active yet.

    I think the TK dev team is on the right path, they just need to polish the system and a few tweaks like softing the 10k target to 8k for exmaple (two full treasuries), allow a king to abdicate after the merge because sometimes things happen in RL and people have to stop playing, so having the option promote a duke to king or vice king once per server after the merge sounds fair to me. :thumbup:

  • I agree, I don't think the new format of Kingdoms Unions stops players playing together at all, I can say this as it is in the foundation of how we have been playing kingdoms for quite a few servers now (with great successes too)
    To say it forces everyone to get their 2nd village is nothing new either, as the race to get 2nd village asap has always been the first thing every player does on every server, since forever.
    Also to say the big meta wins every time is also not true, I've seen the underdog win on so many occasions, a small tight team of active players can be just as successful as a server killing meta's just most find it easier to merge rather than fight to give themselves an easier chance of winning a server & like mentioned above this is a war game after-all
    (That is why the new format has been introduced)
    it stops kingdoms forming several wings of until they can work out the plan to merge them all. so maybe the days of seeing (Kingdom tags 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, etc etc) are now over and the intimidation of them will end, if you want to play with your friends then get on & do it, form a kingdom and get everyone to settle into the borders of it, don't try and make 10 kingdoms with some end goal of mass merging, meaning you get 10x the benefits until that happens.

    The 10k treasures to unlock treasury slots is a bit steep I agree, as the first 4k treasures are the hardest to achieve on every server, in the endgame we were able to open a new treasury slot every 12 hours to 2 days max, so maybe the devs could consider that the treasury advancement should perhaps be a gradual increase on each new one that opens, instead of making it so high to start and then the same throughout.
    I don't agree with the abdication of the King though, that would be an easy way to abuse the rules that are being introduced, I do however think an explanation of how committed the role of King is, should be explained fully when giving the players options at the start.

    Maybe something else that should be considered is that at the moment all the pressure of the kingdom is on the treasures & treasuries (so always on the Kings & Dukes), meaning Govs don't really get much (if any) action on themselves for the whole server, so maybe the VPs and treasures should not be the only thing that an enemy should be targeting a kingdom for?

  • Hi,
    now I see few flaws:
    1. in com2x3 server already 25 days and still we cant merge kingdoms
    2. now kings make in one village all treasury's and put there all def so need to sacrifice 3 hammer to get true def to get some treasuries, and no one wonts to sacrifice end game hammer.
    3. As we now have at 18k treasures 4 treasury slots many villages is out of kingdom territory, because there is no free space. so we ca't use stolen goods in those villages.
    4. Our kingdom is in seventh place, but we are so small that we by our selfs couldn't finish WW so we need 3-4 wings who will help us. So I have question - why the hell game created made such system when only few players(maybe 20-30% of all supporters ) gets wining medal.

    I remember times when in one ally there would be 3 kings and each king have their dukes. and one ally as one united group are trying to make WW and they us one mechanism win or loose. Basta!

    really I'm the only one who don't like new rules, people come on?!?!?!?!?!?

  • I remember times when in one ally there would be 3 kings and each king have their dukes. and one ally as one united group are trying to make WW and they us one mechanism win or loose. Basta!

    really I'm the only one who don't like new rules, people come on?!?!?!?!?!?

    I don't like the new rules either. I want the old version back. The wayyy old that even had oasis producing influence, and no VP-stealing at all.

  • I don't like the new rules either. I want the old version back. The wayyy old that even had oasis producing influence, and no VP-stealing at all.

    Yeah I remember that day, when oasis generate influence and you need to collect oasis production manually, haha
    I love when there is Tax rate implemented on kingdom, it's make governor have bonus production haha

  • I think the change of the oasis was good, but i do miss the old system, 3 kings per ally, the tax system that helped your govs to grow faster on the early game and tax em of the end to cover up for the people that never send res for WW building xD

  • I think 10K treasures to get another treasury isn't working. Kingdoms run out of room to expand and players are having to settle outside borders. That isn't always an option unless you want to settle in another king's borders. Robber camp numbers are way down for a number of kingdoms because there simply isn't room for them we've been told. One camp with 4-5 waves for about 30 players happening time after time?

    I don't get how one kingdom can have 7 active treasuries with 20K treasures. Is there a special strategy that we haven't thought of?