Kingdom unions: Rebalancing changes discussion

  • It is almost 3/4 of the world on com2x3 and still no merge happening. With this too much delay, I think in my own opinion, will give lesser chance for smaller kingdoms to compete from those top 5 ranked kingdoms. Especially with the change of rules on stealing VP. Really this patch sucks really hard for a King.

    I hope they fixed this soon. It does not only takes our money and time, also our efforts.

    Kingdom Unions: Unbalancing :(

  • very irresponsible behavior from the dev team.... what is wrong in giving an updated timeline? or the current situation so the players are prepared..... is this how you provide service to your customers, people who have paid for this server.... really bad.... not even one post accurately talking about what is really going on... i would admit i like this game too much to try any other mmo's out there... but i would definitely not recommend newbies to choose this game over several alternatives.... this is classic example of a company which does not give much thought or care about its own game community..... SAD!

  • Can I back my money? Because this server is test for me. Some options doesn't work. Heroes artificats doesn't work, because we play in separate kingdoms. We use tactics linked by u changes, but tactics was failed because haven't merge

    Я играю в эту игру ради одного - Драма.

  • Time, money, friends...all wasted, tactics and expansion strats being dumped and villages wasted. We all planned ahead because of the damn merge and now all that time and effort is wasted. Things are about to blow, if the com2x3 finish without a merge, people is going to be very very mad xD

  • The idea of union of kingdoms is quite interesting, but I think that before incorporating it they should have tested it properly. Our strategy lapsed too much due to the delay in the incorporation of the merge function in the supposed mid game.

  • it's been a month now since we suffered all the inconvenience
    a server that doesn't work !
    we invested gold and a lot of bug!
    the merger is still not done and the players find themselves stuck in kingdoms that are struggling to grow
    any communication by TG, to tell where this is !!!
    players delete one by one !
    it is unacceptable
    I ask TG to refund our gold !! this server is uninteresting
    we don't put a server in place until we are sure of its proper functioning

  • I'm usually patient, but here my patience is full.
    I like travian, but I don't like that GC did to this good game.
    at the start GC announced that these new changes, is to improve the game and make things more interesting.
    What happened in com2x3?

    • no kingdom merge in speed game this is day 39, so basically don't work fundamental and more important feature of this new server.
    • but premeditated teams use this as advantage, so while we have 54k treasuries we have 7 active treasury, some kingdoms at 59k treasuries have 12 active treasury. all know about whom I spoke. so some kingdoms don't have space in kingdom territory, but some kingdoms have plenty space for all members and there is even free space in kingdom. and could have twice more player as normal kingdom does. so basically this is paradise for metas
    • GC cant tell when they will fix this or how some kingdoms have more treasury as they should have

    I have feeling that I'm playing in Test server because so much errors and unfinished developments, in the past even test server was more developed and finished., but wait is isn't test server. If I wonted to play test server I would play one.
    I registered in speed server and I expected play in fully developed server.

    I think that we all should ask for our used gold back.