Changelog 0.78

  • Dear players,

    This update is small in scope for all running game worlds, but huge for all the new game worlds that are starting. The ball has started rolling for the new mid-game feature, "kingdom unions”.
    Check out the blog entry for more information. The update will take place on Thursday the 30th of August 2017 at 14:00 CEST, you can expect a downtime of less than 10 minutes.


    • Beginners' protection: From now on, players in beginners' protection can also send reinforcement troops to other players, allowing them to interact with others right at the start of the game.


    • Kingdom unions - Duke and treasury slot changes:

      • Kingdoms start with 2 duke slots.

        • This is the maximum number before the option of entering into a union in the mid-game.
        • Both slots are unlocked from the beginning.
      • Treasury changes:

        • A new treasury slot unlocks now every 10,000 treasures.
        • Once one treasury is upgraded to level 20, multiple treasuries can be built in the same village.
        • A treasury slot is the same as a treasury village: Even when you have multiple treasuries in one village, only one slot is taken.

    What do you think about these changes? We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
    Join the international discussion for more information on the Kingdom Unions and give us your feedback.

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

  • didnt u intend to minimize the stockpiled treasures in 1 single village by reducing the treasurys capacity, so big players couldnt just def 1 village and protect all their treasures?
    now u give that chance again but with an even worse situation for smaller players and kingdoms because of the high treasury prices...

    i m confused what u intend with this changes ?(?(?(

  • I like the old 3 king version the best. allowing people to build more than one treasury in an active treasury village is must gonna make it impossible to take treasures from teams cause yuo can put all your treasure in one spot with only one place needed for defense you can still activate other treasuries to lvl 1 to give influence coverage to your team. Im not sure the reason for this change i feel it is a change for the worst why is it every round i play has a different number of kings , dukes, different rules, etc.. what was wrong with the original kingdoms version with 3 kings? i like thast system. dukes are now like kings with the tribute collection. It just seems people cant make up thier minds or maybe developers are listtening too much to people who keep losing and complaining about the rules. . Also, since you keep changing the kings/dukes, etc. HOW ABOUT THIS CHANGE. Get rid of the name King. change it to RULER. there are a lot of females who play this game and whyt are they forced to be a King, or why is Queen not an option. I know some players like Imperial will choose to use the term Queen due to his alternative lifestyle.