Deleting a kingdom?

  • For the life of me I'm all alone and need help. This has been a lonely game. I'm in a kingdom by myself, and i'm trying to end the kingdom. But I do not see an option for that anywhere. I'm the one and only member. How do I end this kingdom, and move on to try to join another?

  • Are you a king, or just a governor?

    If as a king, basically you can deactivate your treasury and abdicate as a king (Seen on Embassy), or if you are a governor you can just put your next village on your desired kingdom and ask them if you can join. They will send you the invitation and you'll be a part of them.

    PS: Ask them before doing at as some of the Kingdom dont want you to suddenly pop up on their influence. :D

  • On of the most important aspets of the game is: talk to other players ingame on the server you play. Talk to your neighbours, the nearer ones, but also the not quite so immediate ones. If you look for a new kingdom, talk to the kings or their dukes... make sure you have established some contact before you move. If you feel in the conversation that you like how they talk to you and what they tell you how they expect the game to be played: then settle towards them and join their cause.