Changelog 0.79

  • Dear players,
    This small update has big implications for Wonder of the World holders and their kingdoms. The lobby will also get an update, please find the announcement here

    • Conquering WWs: When a Wonder of the World is conquered, everyone from the previous owner's kingdom can take back control immediately. There is no longer a 3-day restriction for WWs.
    • Achievements: When you unlock an achievement in the game and want to collect it directly, the link will open a new tab so that you don't have to leave the game.
    • Lobby: We made some adjustments to update the lobby. Click here to see the list of changes we made in the lobby.

    The update will take place on Thursday, 21 September 2:00 pm CEST with less than 15 minutes downtime.

    Tell us what you think about these changes!
    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International