Average number of troops per player

  • Hello everyone,
    I need someone from the game managers or developers to resolve my query. It would be better if someone can confirm this information. Of course others can help too.

    The average number of troops per player shown on the 'World' tab of rankings; Is that current average number of troops per player on the server OR is it the average number of troops per player trained so far including the ones that died? Basically, does it count the troops that are dead already?
    Just in case there are total 100 players on a server, and average numbers of troops per player showing is 50 phalanx. The total would be 5k phalanx on the server. So consider one player has 1k of them and happen to lose all of it, then would the average number of troops per player decrease to 40? Or will it remain 50 even though 1k died?
    The above example is just to clear my query and those numbers are for assumptions only.

    Thank you in advance for your help.


  • Today on com7 I witnessed the average phalanx decrease from +10k yesterday to <10k today. So that confirms it is average troops/player at that given point in time in the server. Dead troops do not count. :)

  • Dead troops do definitely not count. You can obverve this in the endgame if the big hammers are running towards the WWs, suddenly the average troops for off and def drop a lot. ^^

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