building queue? - Reserve resources

  • A couple of times now I have told my game to build something and it just puts it in the queue, but doesn't take any of the resources. Useful if I don't have the resources available and am going offline, but when I do have the resource, I want it to use them. Twice now I have queued a building, but it didn't reserve the resources and I spent them on something else. Very annoying.

    Am I doing something wrong? Is the game bugged?

  • The game should display this menu when you are going to add something to the queue:

    The button on the left will build instantly using gold or a "Finish now" card if available, the button on the middle will add the building to the queue and reserve the resources needed, and the one on the right will add the building to the queue but won't reserve the resources. You have to use the one in the middle.

    Also, if it's a new building, the game won't reserve the resources by default. You have to manually do it hovering over it in the building queue and pressing this button:

    However, if you're using the mobile app, there's no way to reserve resources as far as I know (someone correct me here if i'm wrong).