how to delete

  • To add what @LuxusDarkangel said your entire account can't be deleted only your presence on individual gameworlds (called and Avatar).
    Most of it's features you can customize if they aren't to your liking but the account will stay. If you wish not to be able to access your account for any reasons maybe give the password to a friend and have him change it for you and keep the password somewhere in case you want to come back.

  • The trash button does only appear for accounts that didn't complete the tutorial yet, doesn't it?
    And: You can ask the staff via e-mail ( to delete your lobby account, they will do so - but be aware, please, that this will delete all your avatars on each gameworld aswell. Remaining gold will be deleted aswell, I think.

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  • You can delete your avatar anytime, even after you completed the tutorial.

    Yes you can, but I think you can only delete thru Lobby (Trash button) if your account was already marked as Inactive.

    You can do delete the game world avatar with these steps:
    Preference icon which you will see on the upper right corner of your game world screen then Settings > Avatar > Delete Avatar (Type your password).

    But if you still consider deleting the account, then you can follow Be2-e4's suggestion.

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