Have you found new friends ingame?

  • Dear players,
    Last week we asked you about the friend list feature, and now we want to ask you about the topic of friendship in Travian Kingdoms.

    Have you found many new friends playing Travian Kingdoms? Have you ever used the feature of inviting a friend? What do you think of the new global friendlist feature*?
    *For those that haven't heard about it: We're adding a global friendlist feature that will allow you to keep your friends of a game world even after this one ends. It will be visible in the lobby and it will show you where and when you added the person, under what name, etc. It will also show you in which game world your friend is playing, so you can join him/her right away!

    To participate, answer some of these questions or let us know your friendship stories in Travian Kingdoms and you'll have the possibility to win.

    The prizes are:
    4 X 25 Gold
    4 X 1 artwork
    We’ll look forward to your answers and experiences! Good luck!

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International

  • I just want to see my friend's village will be settle next to me (by using my referrer link)

    I rarely see my friend's village respawn next to me, it's seem random location while using referrer link ?

  • Yes, I have made friends in my first server of travian kingdoms. Particularly one really close friend, and we enjoy playing with each other and are great at cooperating, helping with advice, and covering each other's inactive periods. We have invited each other as friends "in-game" already.

    I think the new global friendlist (existing in the game lobby after the server ends) is definitely worth the effort. I'm afraid I will lose my friends if I don't join their other servers before our own world ends. But now I can find them through the lobby and join the server when it's convenient for my lifestyle. :)

  • Definitely have found lots of cool players and good friends playing this game. By the very nature this game forces you to cooperate and communicate with select players for very long durations which lot of modern games don't do. This of course means the barrier for entry can be pretty big but those people you play an entire server with can become really good friends.

    I have always felt some kind of global friend list was in order, I did feel slightly disappointed when I got my first friend and then on a different server he wasn't on the list anymore. Though for a while that he had removed me but it turned out the friend list was just per server thing.

    Personally I haven't used the invite friends feature, mostly because my IRL friends would never enjoy this kind of a game

  • definitivamente pobre todo sobre lista de amigos e invittar amigos , ademas tengo amigos del reino y compartimos msj todo el dia mediante grupos de wpp es muy dinamico

  • Last rounds I'm playing with random people as everyone who I know stopped playing Travian. But in past the chance to met an interesting person here was huge!
    Invite a friend never worked for me so I stopped sending it.
    I think global friends list is great idea - you can add there all active players you liked during one round and look for them in other rounds. That should help building long term game relations that can last for years.

  • At Travian Kingomds i dont have friends. But i think i dont looking for. I joined server spontaneuos i want to play and looking for kingdoms and play with them without adding friends.
    And next world i start from beginning. So i can find every round new nice people.