6-Week Game Worlds - New special type of Worlds

  • 30 days of active wars, 15 days waiting for a miracle and then 5 days of hiking. If up to 42 days there will be a constant war.
    1. Troop speed x1
    2. Construction speed can be done x2
    3. Increase the number of treasure found. This will give more resources and faster software accumulation.
    4. Reduce the time of construction of the treasure and miracle. To give the percentage of addition of victory points from the level, so that there is an incentive to break them constantly and there was intrigue until the last moment.

    In general, it's time to make the World Cup. This will greatly revive interest in the game.

  • It’s been a long time to create the World Cup of Travivian Kingdom. The number of players drops significantly. People get bored.

    You will greatly revive the game.

    Spend it!

    Construction speed x2

    Troop speed x1

    Duration 40-45 days. You will have over 10,000 registrations.

  • I have to agree. The Kingdoms are losing players just as they can't attract new players to the game.

    You can try this instead of opening up the game worlds of "night truce," which is a total waste of time. In addition, many people have left the game after the release of the menhir feature and the unification of the kingdoms.

    Perhaps a special world of old versions could be opened. I also suggest you do a survey for this.

    There's not much excitement left for the kingdom anymore.


  • Have you guys seen the new special world for TL? (link here)i think they can use something like that on TK, with some tweaks here and there, but i have to agree since the kingdoms unions a lot of people drop tthe game and about the menhir, i think it's okish, sure it makes easier for meta kingdoms to move all of their players, but this also give a chance to new players to join a kingdom and learn the game. Back in the day i started on some server on a spot where no kingdom will never reach me and if you are new the game it's hard to stay interested when everyone wants to farm you.

    So yes we need some new contend, the mid-game is just so... boring, hoard treasures, farm, farm, farm, feed hamers, and the ocassional war for treasures, but those are soo rare too.


    "The Moon is a mysterious mistress who walks the night with demons of dread"

  • How about if you shrink everything, all the requirements? If a normal server takes about 150 days and you want a server that takes 75 days, you would half all requirements, all costs.

    Also add a Great Workshop for more oomph...

  • The endgame. WW-villages are already on the maximum 100th level and they will be unlocked after 5 weeks. After conquering, you just have to activate them. For the 7 remaining days — 72 hours are required for the activation. Every kingdom that has conquered a WW-village will have to gather their defensive troops there, because many rivals would try to deactivate it by a successful attack or reconquering, or some other way that you think is the best. Natars should attack WW-villages as usual and they should be strong.

    Absolutely loved it.

    Supposing WWs coming at lvl 100 and there is that activations period.

    I would like to suggest:

    That at activation end, Bonus is applied considering the level of the WW. A WW catapulted to lvl 50 can`t be compared to a WW lvl standing at 100.

    shorter building construction time and cheaper levels
    troops more faster

    No one would say no to those 2 XP

    We could hand out quest rewards in the form of building levels as we already do in a few rare cases

    The whole quest system is a bit broken to say the least, specially if you would to focus on begginner players.

    Thinking in Begginers Quests should be different for those who choose OFF and those who choose DEF, same bonus in the end, but giving all begginers some basics on how game should be played.

    If they do not get to do a nice troop numbers they will probably go grey xD, quests could really help them tho inserting them in the game.

    A begginer option at start sounds awsome tho, but make it possible a few days after server really started, so that a begginer account is not worth for a pro player to take advantage xD

    decrease troop training times and costs over time,


    I don't think you can put enough effort in a 6 week server to care about winning or loosing.

    A speed server is not that much more than 8 weeks and believe me, you feel it.


    Finally have the time to give this thread a propper look.

    I see some good ideas, I see some great ideas, I see too many ideas.

    We as community should be able to hand developers a community answer.

    Like compiling all the great coments and clearly checking wich ideas the community liked the most. It would made our lifes and the devs much better and easier.



    let`t get back to the point.

    1- "To achieve a shorter playing time,..... build it up to level 100 for weeks

    2- The speed will be 1x

    3- The duration will be around 6 weeks

    1. You want to reduce time, specially the WW development weeks and removing that you can remove everywhere.

    2. It`s a slow server

    3. 42 Days

    Do you like the idea of 6-week game worlds?

    Yes. (Not sure if not speed but nvm Im a speed player)

    Would you play such a world?


    How do you imagine the game-play experience?

    Hard to say when there are no ending suggestions.

    Which parts do you think could be cut short?

    I think moving end game to be sooner, you will already cut shors everything else automatically.

    Which should better stay untouched (e.g. early-game, Wonders of the World)?

    You cannot tweak one without changing the other.

    Would you want the world to end as soon as all Wonders of the World are conquered?

    Assuming 7 WWs, NO.

    Or would you prefer a different ending for these short rounds?



    EARLY GAME sometimes can be very boring and unclear for most players. I believe cut short this period is a must.

    Giving the possibility for all players to actually starting playing on day 1 (I mean able to pop troops and such) sounds a bit excessiv, altough begginers would love it.

    And so I believe a cut or big cut would do. like starting with lvls 5/7 or maybe 2 villages, or simply 3 village Slots.

    I would definitely not go past lvl 5 lvls and give village slots instead, even for begginers it would show the importance of settling. I bet most insta citty everything...

    As much as you give the shorter you make Early game, the funnier it is for everyone specially begginers.

    MID GAME This is the period I believe you want to be the longest, but I think you shouldn`t.

    Mid game nowadays for most Kingdoms is the most boring period.

    Thinking on what you can do about it.

    You have to spice it up here.Either WW appearing here somehow or put in artifacts :P whatever.


    I did love that Russian Activation idea, with some tweaks it could be perfect