I'm having trouble setting a sitter.

  • Com3, newguy here. The problem occurs on my iPhone, iPad and Mac.

    I'm having trouble setting a sitter. I start with the "preferences" tab, then Ávatar', then 'manage sitters and duals', then there is another button to "Manage", and then I'm back to the home page, but without an active window! There is no place to select anything, except the "Lobby"button which leads back into the game!

  • I can confirm this happens on Windows 10 too (Using Vivaldi, Firefox and Chrome). Going to Preferences > Avatar > Manage > Manage sitter and duals will display a blank lobby page.

    This has to be fixed, but meanwhile you can manually manage your sitters and duals by going to the "Game worlds" tab on the lobby:

    Clicking the game world banner:

    And it will display this menu where you can manage your sitters and duals: